Learn A New Sport on Holiday

04 Apr 2024

Learn a new sport on holiday

As with anything in life, doing the same thing over and over again gets boring. However, changing your environment or picking up a new sport could be what you need to reinvigorate yourself.

At Mark Warner, we have a vast array of activities and sports that you can try out whether with formal tuition or with a bit of guidance and encouragement from our friendly staff. And what’s more, you can do all this with the cost of your holiday as activities are included!

So what are you waiting for? Read on to find out more about why it's important to learn a new sport on holiday, the benefits of learning a new sport and what you can expect from a Mark Warner activity holiday.

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What is an active holiday?

An active holiday is where you can participate in several sports and activities, from watersports to traditional land sports, no matter your age. At Mark Warner, we are passionate about providing the best activity holidays in Europe, with sports included in the price of your holiday!

Why do people go on a sport-type holiday?

The benefits of learning a new sport cannot be overstated. And learning a new sport while on holiday just makes those benefits tenfold. Not only do you get to learn a new skill, but you also could find yourself a new hobby, become more confident in yourself and create memories to last a lifetime for you and the family.

5 benefits of learning a new sport on holiday

Need some more convincing? Check out the benefits below before you book your next activity holiday with Mark Warner.

Make lifelong memories

When you’re on holiday, you want to make lifelong memories for yourself and your family. One way to do this is to try out a brand-new sport you may never have heard of before. We have a range of familiar and new sports at Mark Warner Resorts for you to try, including:

  • Tennis: All of our beach resorts have several tennis courts and LTA-approved coaching programmes for all levels, including our Classic and Xpress courses. We also offer LTA-approaching coaching courses for children from ages three and up at each of our resorts so you can get the whole family involved! Alternatively, you can book one-on-one tuitions to get the most out of your session and practise your skills with a trained instructor.
  • Padel: A tennis-squash hybrid that’s been around since the 60s. With newly built padel courts and equipment, we’re now offering padel as part of our holiday packages at our Kamari Beach Resort in Rhodes and Aeolian Village Beach Resort in Lesvos, Greece. 
  • Kayaking: Get out on the water and try something new! Kayaking is offered at all our resorts, so you’ll have the opportunity to try this out on a watersports holiday in Greece or Turkey.
  • Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP): All of our resorts have SUP boards for guests to get out on the water under their own steam. SUP boarding is easy to pick up so most people won’t need to take lessons. If it’s your first time though, our instructors will take you through the basics and provide a quick intro to SUP for free.
  • Cycling: A classic holiday activity, enjoy the local area and stay active in the sun with the whole family. Our mountain biking and road cycling tours are available for beginners and up — so there’s no need to worry if you haven’t ridden a bike in years! Or simply head out and experience the sights for yourself with your companions.
  • Pickleball: A super-fast game that’s taking the world by storm, pickleball is a racket or paddle sport that requires you to hit a hollow plastic ball over a net, similar to tennis. It’s great fun for all the family to get involved in! We also have three new pickleball courts at Phokaia Resort in Turkey for you to experience this new sport in the sun.
  • Foiling: For experienced sailors and windsurfers, Mark Warner offers the chance to learn dingy foiling or windsurf foiling to the next level at Aeolian Village, Lemnos and Phokaia Beach resorts. Hydrofoils are added to your boat or board. The foils act like wings to lift the hull or board out of the water, reducing drag and increasing speed even in lighter winds.
  • Wing Foiling and Wing sailing: new to Mark Warner in 2024, this latest watersport is fast becoming the best and most convenient way to get out on the water. If you want to be part of the fast-growing number of WingSurfers and WingFoilers, then the Mark Warner Aeolian Village Beach Resort is going to be your resort of choice.

Pick up a new hobby to take home with you

Want to learn a new sport so you can turn it into your next hobby? Look no further than Mark Warner activity holidays to introduce you to your next passion. 

We have a variety of exciting watersports and activities for families with older children such as waterskiing and wakeboarding, rowing, scuba diving and more. Our kids’ clubs and teen clubs (Junior, Kidz, & Indy Clubs)  also offer a range of sports and activities including free watersports tuition. 

If you’re looking for a new activity to do in cooler climates, we also offer skiing and snowboarding lessons through our ski school partner Evolution 2, at Chalet Hotel L'Ecrin, located in a high-altitude resort in Tignes, France. 

Enjoy any of these sports together with your loved ones and you’re more likely to keep up the sport when you get home!

Improve your mental health

We all know the physical benefits of exercising, but let’s not forget the mental health benefits too! Getting outdoors and trying a new sport or exercise is great for boosting mood, confidence and self-esteem, especially if you step outside your comfort zone and try something you have never done before.

Reach your fitness goals

Just because you are on holiday, it doesn’t mean you need to hit pause on achieving your fitness goals. With sports holidays, there are plenty of activities for you to get stuck into to help you reach your fitness goals for the year.

One way you can reach your fitness goals is join one of our fitness classes. All of our resorts offer a number of classes from Beach HIIT to Abs Attack and Aqua Fitness, which are included in the price of your holiday. You can also book Personal Training sessions to maintain or kick start your fitness regime, at extra cost. 

Have fun on holiday

Learning a new sport with a group can be as much about meeting like-minded people as developing a new skill. You could head out onto the water for windsurfing and sailing, join a cycling tour or hit the tennis court. Whatever you choose, you’ll have fun and the chance to make new friends.

At Mark Warner, we have qualified instructors and coaches across all of our resorts so you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands to try something new on your trip. 

Learning watersports on holiday with RYA-qualified instructors using the latest equipment is a perfect way to get used to the water while out in the sun. Or use one of the Head rackets for free and join a beginner tennis coaching group, run by LTA-accredited coaches.

And the best part? Activities along with free watersports tuition are included in the price of your sports holiday with Mark Warner.  You can also further develop your skills in a sport with one of our accredited courses or book one-to-one private tuition at an additional cost. 

Discover the best activity and sports holidays in Europe

From improving mental health to helping you achieve your fitness goals, learning a new sport on holiday has so many benefits for all the family. Check out a Mark Warner activity holiday and make it a holiday to remember.

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