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Introducing Foiling at Mark Warner

Dinghy Foiling

In Dinghy Foiling your boat is equipped with hydrofoils to lift the hull out of the water and allow it to sail on the foils. This enables the boat to reach higher speeds and sail in much lighter winds than traditional dinghy sailing.

Sailors must use their weight to control the boat and maintain its balance while sailing on the foils, which requires an advanced level of skill and experience.

Dingy foils equipment: Glide Free foils on either RS Aero’s or Lasers

Windsurf Foiling

Windsurf foiling is windsurfing that involves using a specialised board and sail setup that allows the board to lift out of the water and ride on a hydrofoil, which is a wing-shaped fin underneath the board. The hydrofoil creates lift and reduces drag, allowing the windsurfer to glide smoothly and quickly over the surface of the water, even in very light wind conditions.

Windsurf foiling requires a certain level of skill and experience, as it can be more challenging to control the board and maintain balance while riding on the foil.

Foiling (both Dinghy & Windsurf), will be available in all resorts except Kamari. Whilst RYA courses won’t be on offer, private introductory sessions will be available  subject to availability & operational demands. 

For those that can foil, guest competency will be checked before equipment is provided.

Windsurf foil equipment: Starboard or RRD foils on RRD Boards

A man sailing with foils

Aeolian VillageBEACH RESORT

  • LocationLesvos, Greece, Greece

Set in the sandy bay of Eressos beach, Aeolian Village Beach, is  the perfect destination for outdoor adventure-seekers.  


The gently sloping beach is perfect for watersports . Calm waters in the morning and the gentle breeze during the day, creates just the right conditions foiling.

  • LocationLemnos, Greece, Greece


If you are keen to try foiling, Phokaia Beach Resort has a west-facing bay that picks up gentle winds in the morning, making it a great location for beginners to develop their skills.

  • LocationFoça, Turkey, Turkey


  • LocationIonian Coast, Greece, Greece

Foiling Courses and Bringing Your Own Equipment

Foiling is free for guests at participating resorts. Boards with hydrofoils are available on a first-come-first-served basis, so they can be quite popular.  Guest's sailing / windsurfing ability will assessed before foiling equipment is made available.  

Guests may bring their own foils or wings and use in resort as long as its compatible with our foiling equipment. In resort, the use of guests' foils/wings with our equipment will be subject to demonstration of competency prior to confirmation that they can then use our equipment. Use of their own equipment with ours is subject to our safety regulations & confirmation that they have their own third party public liability insurance.

If a guest brings their own board, foil/wing & sail, then they may use these with the proper insurance within our sailing area, with our safety cover, within operational opening hours. If they go outside of our sailing area, they do so at their own risk. 

Additional foiling tuition

Dinghy and windsurf foiling is available at our Lemnos, Aeolian Village, Paleros and Phokaia beach resorts. Whilst RYA courses won’t be on offer, private introductory sessions will be available, subject to availability & operational demands.

Price €75pp

1.5 hrs private lesson

Introduction to foiling

Price €85

2 hours, 3 to 1 max ratio, morning or afternoon