Padel and Pickleball

Padel and Pickleball holidays

Two new racquet sports are growing like crazy across the world, padel and pickleball and you can get on court and give them a go with Mark Warner.

If you love tennis, you should certainly give padel a try - a tennis-squash hybrid that’s been around since the 60s. With newly built padel courts and equipment, we’re now offering padel as part of our holiday packages at our Kamari and Aeolian Village resorts in Greece.

For the uninitiated, the rules of the game and the way you score are more or less the same as in tennis. However, like squash, you can play off the walls. 

Pickleball is a similar concept, but there are no walls to play off and the game is played with a hard ball, giving the game a lot in common with badminton and table tennis. The three new pickleball courts at Phokaia in Turkey are proving to be hugely popular as the game is super-fast to pick up and fun for all the family.

Our expert tennis coaches are on hand to give you pointers, or even private tuition, if you’d like to boost your skills at these new sports.

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Our top locations


  • LocationRhodes, Greece

With three hard floodlit tennis courts, our Kamari Beach Resort in Rhodes is a great destination for tennis lovers. The famously sunny island has a warm, gentle breeze that’ll tempt you out for a match. 

Newly added to the tennis centre are two brand new padel courts, so you can try this fast growing sport with family, friends and fellow guests. 

Our tennis team will run introductory sessions to the sport to get you going and the courts will be available for social games throughout the week. All padel kit is provided by HEAD our specialist tennis and padel partner.

Aeolian VillageBEACH RESORT

Kitted out with a brand new padel court, our Aeolian Village Beach Resort sits beneath the dramatic hillside in its own quiet corner of Eressos beach. 

Introductory sessions help the unintiated get up and running and social games are available all week.

All our padel kit is supplied by our expert partner HEAD.

  • LocationLesvos, Greece


With three new pickleball courts added for summer 2023, Phokaia Beach Resort is the place to go to try this exciting sport.  This sociable game is fast to pick up and you'll be loving the long rallies and fun competition before you know it. 

All the kit you need is provided at the resort, but feel free to bring your own if you are ahead of the game.

  • LocationFoça, Turkey