Fitness Classes & Resort Gyms

Up the tempo or tone it down

At all of our beach resorts, Mark Warner's qualified fitness instructors put together a varied programme of classes to keep all fitness fans happy. 

Every day is different and every day has a mix of high and low impact classes and activities. The programme is unique to each instructor and plays to their personal strengths but variety and interest are top of their prioriites. 

Guest participation is on a drop in basis and everyone is welcome, from those who love to attend as many fitness sessions as possible through to those who enjoy an end of the day stretch or pool aerobics in the sun.

Personal Training (PT) - New for 2024

We are very pleased to announce that we will be running Personal Training (PT) sessions in our Greece resorts in 2024, thanks to our partnership with Equals Results, a North London based gym group. It means you can top up or kick start your personal fitness regime on holiday.

If you regularly participate in PT sessions at home or in the Gym in the UK, or would like to see how it could work for you, then our Fitness Instructors can provide one to one PT sessions, giving you a personalised top to bottom workout involving all the major muscle groups, combining strength-building exercises with cardio activities, all in a 30 minute session.

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Our Gyms

Guests also have free access to an air conditioned gym on site in all of Mark Warner's resorts. So if you prefer to workout in your own space and time that's an option too.  A brand new gym has been added this year to Kamari Beach Resort in Rhodes and the gym at Phokaia Beach Resort in Turkey has been significantly upgraded with lots of new equipment and you can now also access  Personal Training sessions, payable locally. 


  • LocationFoça, Turkey

Reach your fitness goals in our newly upgraded gym. Personal training available, payable locally.


Top up your fitness on holiday with a class in our covered pavilion or enjoy a workout in our an air-conditioned gym on site.  Our friendly, qualified instructor will work with you on your goals while creating a fun environment.

  • LocationIonian Coast, Greece

Aeolian VillageBEACH RESORT

The small, air-conditioned gym at Aeolian has what you need to keep up your home workout whether that be with weights or a cardio session on the treadmill and exercise bikes.

  • LocationLesvos, Greece


Enjoy fitness at your own pace in our brand-new air-conditioned gym tucked away by the adult pool.

  • LocationRhodes, Greece


Enjoy a workout in our small new gym, equipped with a cross trainer, yoga mats and a selection of weights.

  • LocationLemnos, Greece

Personal Training

Working with Equal Results, we have developed 30 minute personal training sessions, which can tailored to suit any guests holidaying with Mark Warner in Greece.  At our Phokaia resort in Turkey, we work with a local partner to deliver similar Personal Training sessions.

When you sign up for Personal Training sessions, our instructors will discuss your requirements and goals with you, and arrange sessions at a time to suit you during your stay. 

Our aim is to make the whole process of exercising with us as seamless as possible, so your routine remains uninterrupted! Our Personal Training sessions use our Gyms and the equipment in them. 

On the first day of your holiday, you can sign up for PT sessions and also for a Gym induction. 

All Personal Training is for over 18’s

Gym induction

Inclusive (1st day in resort only)

Price Approx. €15 thereafter

15 minutes

1 Personal Training Session

Price £25 (Pre-bookable)

1 x 30 minutes

3 Personal Training Sessions

Price £70 (Pre-bookable)

3 x 30 minutes

Fitness Classes

All fitness classes are included in your package holiday price. Classes take place throughout the day, so drop in and join the instructors for the sessions that are right for you. All abilities are welcome and catered for in any class.

Fitness Classes

We’ve a range of classes on offer across our resort selection. Each location has its own instructor who will bring their own approach, expertise, and style to their local programme.

Below are examples of the type of classes that typically run during the week, with the specific schedule for the week you travel in the hands of the Fitness instructor in resort.    

Price Free entry

Fitness Class Examples

We’ve a range of classes on offer across our resort selection. Each location has its own instructor who will bring their own approach, expertise, and style to their local programme.

Below are examples of the type of classes that typically run during the week, with the specific schedule for the week you travel in the hands of the Fitness instructor in resort.

Class TypeDescriptionExamples
StretchStretch & mobilise through all major muscle groups & joints, to release muscle tension. No pre-requisites. Accessible for those with injuries/ low levels of fitness.Sunrise/Sunset Stretch, Flow, Morning Mobility
ToneNo weight, high repetitions muscle toning. Varied intensity, no impact. Based on Pilates.Body Tone, Full Body Tone, FlowFit
CoreCore specific exercises. Varied intensity & impact. Weights optional.Core Blast, Ab Attack, Ab Blast
Strength TrainingHeavy weights, traditional strength training moves. High intensity, varied impact. Optional cardio elements.Bums, Legs & Tums, Strength & Conditioning, BodyBarBurn, FullBodyBurn, Body Conditioning, Circuits
HIITHigh Intensity Interval Training. High intensity, high impact. High aerobic activity & heart rate.TABATA, Agility, Beach Bootcamp, Bootcamp, HIIT, BoxFit
Aqua AerobicsPool-based exercise class. Aerobic & woggle routines using water as resistance. Varied intensity, low impact.Aqua Aerobics, AquaFit, AquaDance, Aqua Gym
Dance AerobicsLively dance/ aerobic routines set to music. High energy, high impact & high intensity.DanceFit, Dance Aerobics, 80s Aerobics
RunsA guided run, every day 1-5km routesRun Club, Morning Run, Evening Run, Run the Resort
WalksA guided walk, every day to local viewpoints.Walking Tour of Town, Morning Walk & Stretch, Hike the Hill

Example of a Weekly Timetable

The Fitness Instructor at your beach resort will design a weekly timetable that fits with your location, the local facilities and their personal areas of expertise.
Below is an example of how a typical week of fitness classes might be scheduled.

Morning Classes
Morning Walk & StretchMorning RunMorning Walk & StretchMorning Run

Sunrise Stretch
Sunrise StretchSunrise Stretch
10:00Activities MeetingTABATAAgility TrainingBeach BootcampTABATABeach Bootcamp
11:00Morning MobilityCore Blast Morning FlowCore Blast Sunrise StretchCore Blast
12:00Dance FitAquaDance AquaFit AquaDanceAquaFitAquaDance
Afternoon Classes
15:00Water PoloTable Tennis SocialWater Polo Table Tennis TournamentWater PoloDance Aerobics
16:00Body ToneAerobicsBody Tone
Body ToneFlow
17:00BodyBarBurnStrength & ConditioningBLTStrength &  ConditioningBodyBarBurn BLT
17:45FlowFit Sunset StretchFLowFit Sunset StretchFlowFitSunset Stretch
18:00Beach Volleyball
Beach Volleyball
Evening Activities
Staff vs Guest Water Polo

Staff vs Guest Beach Volleyball 

Activities Social Dinner