Windsurf in Greece and Turkey

With free windsurfing tuition for adults and kids included at our beach resorts, there’s no excuse not to have a go at this exhilarating sport with one of our windsurfing holidays. Whether you are experienced or just starting out, our range of courses give you the opportunity to master your technique. 

Learn to windsurf for free

Windsurfing lessons for different levels of ability, from beginners to improvers, are included in the price of your holiday so you really do get all the benefits when you book windsurfing holidays with us. For those that want to take things a bit more seriously, we also have a range of RYA courses, detailed below. 

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Our Top Windsurfing Locations

Aeolian VillageBEACH RESORT

  • LocationLesvos, Greece

Aeolian Village Beach Resort is really superb for windsurfers. Beginners can get out in the light wind in the mornings, while intermediates will excel as the wind increases and can practice their balance and control.  Experienced / advanced windsurfers can take to the waters in the afternoons as the winds pick up. Just head down to the waterfront facility on the beach and pick your kit ready to hit the waves.


The excellent wind conditions in Lemnos lend themselves perfectly to windsurfing. Whether you are an experienced windsurfer or complete beginner, our excellent windsurfing instructors will have you progressing through the ranks by the end of the week. With some of the best winds for windsurfing we are confident even the most experienced will love their stay here with us. 

  • LocationLemnos, Greece


Phokaia's private beach is the perfect spot to launch a wonderful windsurfing holiday in Turkey.  The Aegean conditions benefit from a gentle breeze cross-shore in the mornings, giving beginners a great platform to get started in the sport.  The wind stays cross-shore in the afternoon but steps up to a steady blow to tempt out the intermediate windsurfers for some fun.

  • LocationFoça, Turkey


A quality choice all-round but excels particularly for intermediate windsurfers. Beginners can take full advantage of the light wind in the mornings to pick up the basics and practice in comfortable conditions.The wind picks up in the afternoons and makes for great conditions for intermediates and experienced windsurfers to enjoy Mark Warner's sailing area to charge around the bay.

  • LocationRhodes, Greece


Whether you are getting back into windsurfing or it is your first time, both our group and private tuitions cater to all levels of experience. From improving your skills to learning the basics, you will have a wonderful time windsurfing during your stay. 

  • LocationIonian Coast, Greece

Free group tuition and clinics

Free tuition for all levels of windsurfer is included in the price of your holiday. All you need to do is meet the waterfront team at the start of your stay and choose the right course for you.

Refresher Windsurfing

For those who have mastered the basics, but would like to refresh their skills and get going again at the beginning of the week. 

Price Free

1 x 1 hour dry land session, first morning

Introduction to Windsurfing

Learn the basics, how to turn 180 degrees and sailing across the wind.

Price Free

3 hours of tuition

Introduction to Windsurfing PLUS

Carrying on from the Intro, this is another three hours of tuition that pushes you on in your windsurfing journey.  Ideal for perfecting your turns and windsurfing across and up wind.

Price Free

3 hours, mornings or afternoons

Improver Windsurfing

Windsurfers wanting to progress to beach starts, using a harness and foot straps and starting to get going. In moderate conditions, these sessions will help you progress.

Price Free

6 x 1½ hour sessions

Improver Windsurfing PLUS

Aimed at experienced / more advanced windsurfers wishing to advance their skills, our instructors will tailor these sessions according to your requirements, whether it be better stance, planning techniques or carving gybes, then join these clinics across your holiday week.

Price Free

6 x 1 ½ hours, afternoons

RYA windsurfing adult courses

For those looking to progress even further and gain a windsurfing qualification, we offer RYA courses throughout the summer. Our adult RYA courses are for those aged 14 years and up. Following a successful completion of the course, you’ll be awarded an RYA certificate and log book. 

Courses are always popular, so we recommend pre-booking prior to departure. All courses booked in resort are subject to local taxes.


RYA Start Windsurfing

Tuition over 3 half-days with an introduction to windsurfing, sail to a chosen point tacking and gybing.  Required experience - none.

* In resort price is subject to exchange rate and local taxes.

Price £100*

3 half days


RYA Intermediate Windsurfing—Non Planing

Our instructors will build your confidence on the water, introducing new techniques and improving your transitions, making you windsurf faster and more fluidly. Learn new techniques such as the beach start and harness work. Required experience - Windsurfing skills to the standard of Start Windsurfing, or Youth Stage.

* Only bookable in resort. In resort price is subject to exchange rate and local taxes.

Price £100*

3 half days

RYA windsurfing youth scheme

Children booked into our Junior, Kidz and Indy Clubs can enjoy learning to windsurf as a club activity alongside new friends, but we also run a RYA youth scheme for kids ages 10 to 13. 

The comprehensive youth scheme runs over 3 half-days. Following a successful assessment, kids will be awarded an RYA certificate. 

It is recommended to pre-book in the UK. All courses booked in resort are subject to local taxes.


RYA Youth Windsurfing Scheme—Stage 1

An ideal introduction over 3 half-days, we’ll teach young windsurfers the basics of getting on the water and sailing the board across the wind and back. Required experience - none.

* In resort Price – subject to exchange rate and local taxes.

Price Pre-booked £65*

3 half days


RYA Youth Windsurfing Scheme—Stage 2

Kids will learn practical skills and practice tacking and gybing, enabling them to make progression towards and away from the wind.  Required experience -windsurfing skills to the standard of Stage 1 Windsurfing.

*In resort price is subject to exchange rate and local taxes.

Price Pre-booked £65*

3 half days


RYA Youth Windsurfing Scheme—Stage 3

Over the 3 half days of the course, we will teach board set up and rigging, enhancing the stance on all points of sailing and introduce basic harness techniques in stronger winds.  Required experience – windsurfing skills to the standard of Stage 2 Windsurfing. Bookable in resort only subject to availability.

* In resort price is subject to exchange rate and local taxes. 

Price £65*

3 half days

Additional windsurfing tuition

Take it to the next level and sharpen your skills with one-on-one instruction

Private windsurfing tuition

Available for all levels of windsurfer, this lesson is tailored to your needs and is for both adults and children. Bookable in resort with a maximum of two participants.

* In resort price is subject to exchange rate and local taxes.

Price Price £50*

1 x 60 minute lesson