Other Sports

From beach volleyball to water polo

Team sports

Get a workout, show-off your sporting prowess and make new friends by taking part in our team games. At our resorts, we run games of beach volleyball, water polo and 5-a-side football as part of our daily fitness programme, with more sports being added all the time. Availability of team sports may vary between resorts.

It’s a great way to blow off steam after a day spent learning new skills on the water or the courts. And after all, why should kids be the only ones to make new pals on holiday?

A group of people playing volleyball

5-a-side football

Put your ball skills to the test in a friendly (or not so friendly…) game of 5-a-side football. The mini version of the game involves just five players on each side, with four in the field and one goalkeeper. With a smaller pitch, smaller goals, and a shorter playing time, things can get competitive pretty quickly. Thankfully, any sore losers can drown their sorrows with one of our delicious sundowners at the bar afterwards.

Water polo

When it comes to top workouts, water polo is another all-rounder, with the added benefit of being easier on your joints than sport played on hard ground. The strategic sport engages your brain too, challenging you to think on your feet and work as a team.


Volleyball, especially beach volleyball, might look like pure fun — but it can also be an intense all-body workout. The sport strengthens and tones your muscles in the upper body, arms, shoulders and legs, while burning hundreds of calories. You’ll feel like you’re in the cast of Baywatch in no time.