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Kayaking at Perdepera Beach Resort 

We do not have availability for Perdepera Beach Resort. Please check our other sun holiday resorts available this summer.

The water here in Sardinia has to be seen to be believed. Get the chance to go out on a good day, and it’s so clear you can see right to the bottom. Thanks to the location of our Perdepera Beach Resort and the headland at the top of the beach, kayaking is one of the best activities you can try at the resort.

Kayaking on a Mark Warner holiday

Whether you’ve tried it at home before or it's completely new to you, kayaking is a fantastic activity to be a part of, and one that almost anybody can do with limited experience.

This isn’t like white water rafting at all. In fact, kayaking is one of the most laid back activities we have on offer. All you need to do is get in your kayak, or partner up as a tandem, slide in the water and take everything in at your own pace.

It is a fantastic mid-morning activity as conditions are perfect; the wind won’t have picked up yet, and the sun isn’t too intense in the sky.

Kayak for free in Sardinia

Included in your stay at no extra cost, anyone can come down to the beach, pick up a paddle and be soaking in the atmosphere in no time at all.

All our kayaks are sit-on-top and come with double-ended paddles so you can navigate through the water easily. We’re lucky that the beachfront has lovely pockets of shallow water that are ideal for families to use. If you do want to kayak with your family, we would advise using the sit-on-top models and having an instructor show you how to safely use any kayak with a child.

Free Kayaking for kids at Perdepera Beach Resort

Kayaking is a fantastic activity for kids and for any that are signed up to our childcare programmes, they may have it included in their daily activities. You can see the range of different Mark Warner childcare programmes on our Family Sun Holiday page to check kayaking is included.

Other watersports at Perdepera Beach Resort

Wondering what other watersports you can try at Perdepera Beach Resort?

If you want to see just how clear the waters in Sardinia are, you can take part in a scuba diving course and be able to explore the stunning coast in more detail.

We have sailing lessons for anyone who has always wanted to try their hand at navigating their way around the bay, or you can see how good your balance is with some SUP boarding to move around the water at a leisurely pace.

Also, if you want to kick things up a bit, we do also offer windsurfing lessons to turn any novice into a master navigator in no time at all.






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