When is the best time to book a Summer Holiday?

22 Apr 2024

If you’re trying to save money, booking your summer holiday as far in advance as possible is recommended. You’re more likely to get the best deals on flights and rooms, and you may even get extra perks like resort credit as an extra ‘thank you’ for booking your stay early!

However, it’s not just about booking as far in advance as possible. Have you considered the timing of your holiday to make the most of summer deals, too? You might be surprised at how much more you enjoy yourself on an early summer holiday that’s outside peak season.

This article will discuss reasons why you should book your summer holiday early and how to get the most out of your trip with Mark Warner.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Book an Early Summer Holiday

There are often serious cost savings to be had by booking a holiday in advance. Aside from the cost savings, there are other reasons why you should book an early summer holiday for you and your family.

1. Temperatures in May and June are usually warmer

For holidays in the Mediterranean, the early summer climate makes May and June ideal months to take an early summer holiday - whether you're travelling with or without kids. 

Both May and June are considered to be a perfect time to explore and enjoy outdoor activities as the temperatures will be warm but not overly hot like the peak summer months.

2. Resorts are usually quiet which is ideal for preschool children

If you’re travelling with preschool children, early summer is the ideal time for a Mediterranean beach holiday. You will usually find that resorts and beaches are blissfully quiet, so you can have quality time with your little ones.

In Greece and Turkey, the weather is warm enough for swimming but mild enough for junior travellers to enjoy comfortable temperatures and make the most of the sun.

3. Enjoy a Mark Warner Activity Week

Some of our most popular specialised weekly programs run in the early summer months, allowing you to further develop your skills at a sport with our qualified coaches and instructors. This also gives you the chance to meet other fellow holiday-makers and participate in social evenings.

Intensive Tennis Weeks

Join us on 19th May 2024 at our Paleros Beach Resort, mainland Greece or on 1st June 2024 at our Kamari Beach Resort, Rhodes to participate in our Intensive Tennis Week to help you up your game. 

Learn more about our Intensive Tennis Weeks

Sailing Regatta Weeks

We will be running our dinghy racing week on 18th June at Phokaia Beach Beach in Turkey. The regatta lasts a weeks and includes dinghy and multihull racing, sailing clinics and racing tuition, at no extra charge.

Learn more about our Dingy Racing Weeks

Windsurf Development Weeks

Improve your skills at our Windsurf Development Week hosted by our Aeolian Village Beach Resort, Lesvos on the week of the 5th June. 

Learn more about our Windsurf Development Weeks

4. Exercise in the sun

If you’re planning on an active holiday, an early summer holiday allows you to exercise in the sun without having to worry about becoming quickly exhausted from the heat. Work on your fitness goals or enjoy tennis, mountain biking and road cycling outdoors so you can reap the benefits of fresh air and the calming sounds of the sea. We also offer free childcare from 2 years so younger guests can have fun too, while parents relax and recharge.

Better yet, our activities are included in the cost of your trip so you don’t need to worry about paying extra fees when you arrive at your destination.

5. Explore watersports you’ve not tried before

Holidays are a great time to try out new watersports you wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to experience at home. From sailing and windsurfing to kayaking, paddle boarding and rowing, we’re sure you’ll find a new hobby in our range of complementary watersports. We also offer foiling for the more experienced windsurfers and sailors at a number of our resorts.  You can also hone your skills further with one of our accredited courses or one-to-one private tuition at an extra cost.

If you’re looking for an activity based under the water, we also work with local scuba diving schools at our Paleros, Aeolian Village, Lemnos, Kamari and Phokaia Beach Resorts. These offer a range of PADI and SSI (Scuba Schools International) certified courses and dives for adults and children from 10 years upwards, at an additional cost.

How far in advance can I book a holiday with Mark Warner

If these reasons have convinced you to book an early summer holiday with Mark Warner, you might be wondering how far in advance you can book a holiday.

Mark Warner trips can be booked up to several months  in advance of departure. We run various promotions throughout the year including early booking discounts and resort credit to spend on your holiday. Check out our May holiday deals and June holiday deals to see how much you can save!

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