Windsurfing Development Weeks

A week of specialised windsurfing coaching

Windsurfing holiday with coaching in Greece

Our Windsurf Development Weeks are perfect for keen windsurfers who are wanting to advance their knowledge, experience, and skills, so come join us at Aeolian Village Beach Resort on  18 September 2024.

Let us take you to the next level!

Designed for windsurfers wanting to get planing, gybe smoothly, or for those that just haven't had the chance to work on further skills, this week seeks to hone and develop your technique, through clinics and challenges with help from our fantastic staff at Aeolian Village Beach Resort.* Our Instructors will be on hand during the week, to set personal goals, run the clinics, give feedback, coach sessions and assist with fun and friendly competitions, as well as sessions on board and sail design and future development.

Entry level

To participate in the Windsurfing Development Week guests need to have experience equivalent to the RYA Windsurf Intermediate Non-planning qualification.


£150pp for the week - just add the course when you book online or over the phone to reserve your place. Places are limited to 24 so book early to avoid disappointment!

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Aeolian Village Beach ResortLesvos, Greece

  • LocationAeolian Village Beach Resort
  • Location2 Adults
  • LocationLGW
  • Location7 nights
  • Location18 Sep 2024

From £929pp

Windsurf Development Week

About the Windsurf Development Week

Clinics will take place during the day. These will consist of short shore-based sessions and demos followed by on the water coaching, with plenty of time to practice. Those participating will influence the nature of the clinics and will leave with new skills and a renewed love of windsurfing.
Once your day on the water is complete, socialise with your fellow enthusiasts with activities each evening, social dinners and an end of week party with prize giving.

The week includes:
  • Goal setting
  • Use of all the windsurfing equipment
  • AM and PM windsurfing Clinics and on Water Coaching for five days
  • Top tips and feedback of your technique
  • Mark Warner Introduction to WingSurfing – 3 hours, and option to complete Introduction to WingSurfing Plus - a further 3 hours
  • End of day debriefing
  • End of week competitions
  • Evening socials and dinners

Windsurf Foiling

During the week our instructors will also be offering  the chance for you to get involved in Windsurf Foiling, for those comfortable in the harness and planing. Our  Windsurf Foiling courses are an additional cost.

Intro to Windsurf Foiling (3 hour session for £60)

We will run Intro to Windsurf Foiling and clinics for those wishing to get up on to the foil.

Windsurf Foiling (3 hour session for £60)

This course is ideal for those guests that can foil. Our instructors will help improve your technique and home your skills through these pay as you go clinics and on the water coaching.

Private Windsurf  Foiling Lessons ( €75 for 1 hour for up to two guests)

Book private lessons with an instructor to work on specific aspects of your Windsurf Foiling.

WingSurfing (2 sessions included)

New for 2024 at Mark Warner we will be offering WingSurfing. During  Windsurf Development Week you will be able to have a chance to have a go at flying a wing and getting on the water Wingsurfing.

Intro to WingSurfing

Intro to WingSurfing - a three hour session is included in the week, where you will learn the rigging of the Wing, beach safety, how to control the wing on land including the techniques for tacking and gybying, followed by launching and landing and flying the Wing on a SUP board.

Intro to WingSurfing Plus

Intro to WingSurfing Plus - included in the week, is a further three hour course, following on from the Intro to Winging. This course will enable you to spend more time on the water using the Wing on a SUP board, to perfect Winging across the wind, tacking and gybing. The session will end with having a go on the Wing boards themselves with the foil.

Wing Foiling

If you can handle the Intro to Wing Surfing and wish to get further skills and techniques learnt during the week or want to take it to the next stage, you can  and try WingFoiling, then you can book further sessions at an additional cost.

Intro to WingFoiling (3 hour sessions for £60)

Three hours of further coaching with the instructors using the Wing foil boards and wings, mastering getting going and getting use to the board, pumping, and getting out of the water on the foil.

Intro to WingFoiling (9 hour session for (£100) 

This course will take you from your Intro to WingSurfing Plus Course (or equivalent standard of foiling) and build upon the skills of WingSurfing and progress you to the next level of WingFoiling. The course will focus on getting you to a point where you can achieve your first flights and how to improve time out of the water on the foil.

Private WingFoiling lesson (€75 for 1 hour for up to two guests)

Book private lessons with an instructor to work on specific aspects of your WingFoiling.

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