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Fabulous food and wine excursions

Travel to the stunning island of Sardinia and choose from a selection of food and wine tours to experience authentic and traditional Sardinian recipes paired with local wines. Learn all about the history of traditional Sardinian recipes and ingredients stemming from ancient roots. Sardinia is the perfect location for all food and wine lovers.

There is no better way to experience real traditional Sardinian cuisine and wine than taking part in a food and wine tour during your holiday.

Discover traditional Sardinian cuisine on a food tour

Make the most of your stay in Sardinia and create unforgettable memories discovering the delicious local food and wines on an expert led food and wine tour. Most of the Sardinian food and wine tours include a visit to a traditional and scenic winery where you will discover the different production stages, the kinds of grapes that are grown, the land and the people who passionately dedicate their time to the grape growing process. You will have the chance to taste some of Sardinia’s most favoured wines, paired with delightful local produce whilst soaking up the sun and taking in the beautiful surroundings. Located roughly two hours from Mark Warner’s Perdepera Beach Resort, guests can experience a half day of tasting traditional Italian food and wines whilst soaking up the Sardinian culture.

Many of the food and wine excursions include short pleasant trekking through vineyards. Incorporate light exercise into your food tours by taking part in a food and wine bike tour of Sardinia. Throughout your cycling tour you will have the opportunity to taste some of the best Mediterranean flavours and get involved in the preparation of traditional Sardinian meals.

If you are looking to include more fun things to do during your Sardinian holiday, take a look at Perdepera Beach Resort’s activities page on our site.

Discover some of the best local Sardinian wines on a wine tour

Take a day out to explore the beautiful island of Sardinia and discover some of its most famous wines like Cannonau. Wander through flawless vineyards and mountainous scenery while learning from an experienced tour guide all about the wine making process from start to finish.  Wine tours are the perfect day trips for small groups of friends to soak up the stunning Sardinian scenery, taste delicious local wines and create unforgettable memories togetherbefore taking in some of the unforgettable nightlife on offer.

Enjoy traditional Sardinian cuisine on a guided food tour

Immerse yourself into the authentic atmosphere of Sardinia during an organised food tour where you will learn culinary traditional Sardinian cooking skills and recipes. At the hands of an expert, tourists can relax and taste the typical food produced by local Sardinian farmers like salami, ricotta cheese, carasau bread and much more during the food tours. If you are feeling adventurous, travel around three hours outside of Perdepera Beach Resort to a place near Alghero and experience traditional Sardinian hospitality with a 3 hour dining experience at a fisherman’s house. Learn how to prepare traditional Sardinian recipes and treat your loved ones to delicious, flavourful Sardinian dishes when you come home.

If you consider yourself to be a lover of fine wines, breathtaking views and delicious food, Sardinia is the perfect place for you to visit. For more information about other spectacular tours in Sardinian visit our Sardinian tours page.

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