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Sardinia’s restaurant scene

An absolute gem in the middle of the Mediterranean, Sardinia’s food scene is just incredible. With direct access to some of the best produce and the freshest caught seafood you’ll find anywhere, dinner is a big deal in Sardinia.

Dining out is all about being laid back and taking it easy in the evenings. Whether you’re simply looking forward to trying out some of the delectable dishes chefs at Perdepera Beach Resort are preparing every evening or want to get out and see what an authentic Sardinian dinner out is like, let Mark Warner be your guide to finding great restaurants in Sardinia.

The culinary experience at Perdepera Beach Resort

With the coast right on our doorstep, you know we have to make use of the amazing local flavours and catch of the day. The chefs at Perdepera beach resort pride themselves on using locally sourced ingredients as much as possible in the buffets created every day.

Throughout your stay, you’ll see the likes of fresh tuna steak, sea bass, spit roasts, barbecues and fish specials on the menu. And that’s before we get to lovingly made local pasta dishes and starters. Full board dining takes place at the main restaurants within the hotel.

Dining further afield

Anyone searching for a fine dining experience needn’t go near the water. Some of the more high-end restaurants on the island are surprisingly more inland, with many occupying quaint spaces for a little serenity.

La Pineta is just one of these hidden gems about 30 minutes away from our resort. It specialises in high-end cuisine, having won a certificate of excellence from TripAdvisor four years in a row.

What food should I eat in Sardinia?

There are a few dishes that you won’t have heard of before that you need to try when they’re on a menu. Some of these include:

  • Culurgiones
    • A large stuffed pasta that looks like a bread roll, these are large pieces of pasta that will be stuffed with unique fillings; nutmeg, pine nuts and cheese are the most common.
  • Carasau
    • A cross between a naan and a poppadum, they’re a circular flatbread with plenty of crunch. They’ll usually be served in piles for you to put toppings on.
  • Malloreddus
    • Small pasta with a distinctive ring pattern, they’re extremely common and are seen as akin to gnocchi, only without any potato.
  • Sebadas
    • If you’re offered sebadas for dessert, always say yes. These puff pastry wonders usually come with a creamy filling or covered in powdered sugar and chocolate spread.

The authentic Sardinian dining experience

Nights out for dinner around the island are informal and all about decompressing after a long day. Not too far from the resort are some great little eateries to keep an eye out for.

Sa Scogliera just a mile up the road is known for its simple approach to dinner. Many people like to walk along the beach in the early evening to work up an appetite.

A short taxi to Bar Ristorante Pizzeria Via Mare is where you’ll get some very tasty antipasti dishes and pizzas ideal for sharing over a bottle of wine or a few Ichnusa (that’s the local beer).

Want to know more about what a night out in Sardinia is like? You can read more about in our guide to bars in Sardinia.

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