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Yoga Retreat In Europe

Transform your body and mind with a yoga retreat in Greece with Mark Warner. We have partnered with Diane Lee, a nationally recognised senior yoga teacher, to provide yoga weeks at our Paleros Beach Resort this summer.

Relax and unwind at our beautiful resort in Greece

We will be hosting a second yoga week on the 8th September 2024 at our picturesque Greek resort of Paleros, mainland Greece, set against a stunning ocean view backdrop. The natural beautiful setting makes our resort the perfect places to relax and unwind from your daily stresses at a yoga retreat in Europe. The 7-day yoga classes will be led by Diane herself and will include yoga, wellness, nutrition and spiritual development. The style of teaching will be Hatha yoga, which is suitable for all levels. 

Yoga weeks at Paleros Beach are ideal for solo travellers, as you'll be practicing yoga within a friendly and welcoming group of like-minded people. Our yoga week guests often enjoy meals and other activities together, making Paleros the ideal resort for a sociable yoga retreat.  Take advantage of the long summer season and join us in September.  


You can book a yoga week by selecting the 'Yoga Retreat' option when you are choosing your activities during the booking process on this website or over the phone to help with organisation. When you start your booking journey online, please select the date - 8th September 2024.

The cost for the yoga week is £250 per person, in addition to the holiday price. The week is limited to 20 places per week and pre-booking is recommended.

Call our Travel Sales Specialists on 0330 311 1503 or book online today, using the link below.

What is included in a yoga week?

Take some time for yourself and join like-minded guests while enjoying a week of yoga lessons in an intimate and friendly, small group setting. Diane will be leading the yoga workshops and covering yoga, wellness, nutrition and spiritual development. 

The yoga week will include 12 yoga lessons - twice daily yoga practices. You will start each day with a sunrise yoga at 7.45am and end the day with sunset yoga at 6pm.  The yoga practices will be 60 - 75 minutes each and led by Diane, and are designed to fit around meal times and other activities, so that you can make full use of the Paleros Beach resort facilities during your stay.

You'll also be able to make the use of the fantastic sports and activity facilities at a Mark Warner beach resort. 

  • Complimentary gym induction on the first day of your holiday
  • Full access to all fitness classes hosted daily by Mark Warner instructors such as HITT, cardio workouts and stretch sessions. 
  • Free use of our 25m resort pools, ideal for length swimming or take part in an aqua aerobic classes or a game of water polo
  • Full watersports, cycling and tennis programmes

All Mark Warner holidays to Greece include flights, transfers and accommodation, all on a half board basis (daily breakfasts and dinners).


Yoga Retreats

Take some time for yourself and join like-minded guests while enjoying a week of Hatha yoga lessons in an intimate and friendly, small group setting. There will be twice daily yoga practices for 60 - 75 minutes each and led by Diane:

  • Sunrise yoga at 7:45am (dynamic morning practice)
  • Sunset yoga at 6.00pm (gentler evening practice)

All equipment is provided for you. Suitable for all levels and guests must be 18 and over.

Price £250 per week

12 yoga lessons, 60 -75 minutes

What to bring on your Mark Warner yoga retreat

You don't need to bring much on your Greek yoga retreat; we'd recommend bringing your own yoga mat, and you'll also need a yoga belt/strap and block, as well as a journal and pen.

Paleros Beach ResortMainland, Greece

  • LocationPaleros Beach Resort
  • Location2 Adults
  • LocationLGW
  • Location7 nights
  • Location08 Sep 2024

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Yoga Retreat Benefits

A yoga retreat is so much more than a holiday... taking regular classes in a peaceful setting allows you to fully immerse yourself in the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga. The serene landscapes of the Greek islands, with their crystal-clear waters and sun-drenched beaches, are the ideal setting for deepening your yoga practice. This tranquil environment allows for uninterrupted meditation and mindfulness, enhancing your overall retreat experience. Additionally, the Mediterranean climate, with its mild temperatures and gentle breezes, is perfect for outdoor yoga sessions, allowing you to connect more deeply with nature.

Beyond the physical and mental benefits, a yoga retreat in Greece offers a unique cultural immersion. Greece is a land rich in history, mythology, and tradition; engaging with the local culture can add a new dimension to your retreat, offering a sense of connection to the ancient wisdom that has influenced modern yoga practices. Furthermore, the communal aspect of a retreat allows you to meet like-minded individuals from around the world, and build new friendships and a supportive community that can enhance your personal growth journey.

About Diane Lee

Diane Lee’s fun, honest and experienced approach to teaching yoga is why we’ve decided that she’s the perfect fit to run Mark Warner yoga weeks at our sun resorts in Greece.
As a nationally recognised senior teacher, accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals, Diane teaches students to become yoga teachers through her Academy for Yoga Training company. Her vast experience covers many aspects of yoga including Hatha, Power, Hot, Restorative, Yin and Vinyasa yoga styles.

Diane is also a fully accredited Yoga Sports Coach, Health Coach (Paul Chek Institute) and Level IV Masseuse, and will also teach you breathing techniques and injury adaption outside of the classes.
Her in-depth experience has spanned teaching for nearly 25 years means that she’s adaptable and intuitive. We know you’ll enjoy the yoga weeks that are new for 2024.