Tennis, Padel and Pickleball

Play for fun or train to win

Tennis, Padel and Pickleball

Tennis lovers will feel right at home on a Mark Warner holiday as every one of our resorts offer guests free unlimited use of our courts, a comprehensive tennis programme and free use of the latest HEAD racquets and balls.

Our Kamari and Aeolian Village resorts in Greece now have padel courts and equipment, too. Developed in 1969, padel has been described as a squash-tennis hybrid and can be a gentler and highly social version of the original sport.

Phokaia Beach Resort in Turkey has 3 new pickleball courts for guests to try out the racquet sport that is sweeping the US. Pickleball is closer to a cross between tennis and badminton and like padel, fast and fun to pick up. 

So, whether you’re looking for a low-key knock around or getting stuck into a family tournament, the courts are yours. There are also plenty of opportunities to sharpen your skills with our resident coaching staff and you can find out more about our tennis programmes and the varied training opportunities below

Tennis classes at Lemnos Beach Resort
Padel coaching session at Aeolian Village Beach Resort


Whatever your current ability, we have a range of coaching programmes to choose from to make sure you get the most out of your tennis holiday. All our courses and Intensive Tennis Weeks need to be pre-booked from the UK and are designed for adults and teenagers aged 13 years and over.

Alternatively, you can book one-on-one tennis tuition or take part in a range of ad-hoc group lessons at any point throughout your stay. Our tennis classes range from cardio-heavy drills sessions to table tennis tournaments, to our infamous ‘Tipsy Tennis’. And if you’re more of a spectator than a player, you can watch our tennis coaches go head-to-head in an exciting exhibition match.

Whatever kind of tennis holiday you’re looking for, at Mark Warner, you can make it truly yours.

Padel and Pickleball

Want to try something new? Then how about padel or pickleball, amongst the fastest growing sports in the world. 

Both are racquet sports, both use smaller courts than tennis and both are fast to pick up. 

Our Kamari and Aeolian Village resorts in Greece now have padel courts and equipment and Phokaia in Turkey, has pickleball courts to try. 

We've been impressed with how popular these new facilities are proving to be, guests who play tennis already and those who don't are loving getting involved.