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We do not have availability for Levante Beach. You can now book Kamari Beach Resort, our new contemporary resort located in Lardos Beach, Rhodes.


Stand up paddle boarding at Levante Beach Resort

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is a great way for new and experienced watersports enthusiasts to get out on the water with little to no experience. The skills needed to stand up paddleboard can be learned by anyone in a short space of time and is a fun, easy way to play on the water and to enjoy the views as you work out.

Burn those calories

Paddleboarding offers an amazing full body workout. It can burn up to 700 calories an hour and is a great all-round workout that helps to improve balance and allows you to gain core strength. Besides standing, you can sit, kneel or lay on a paddleboard. The movement of your body with the paddle strengthens the upper body region.

The art of learning how to balance yourself to be able to stand up on the surfboard itself strengthens the lower region, or legs. This is a sport of strength, stamina and endurance and is full of challenges for both the beginner surfers as well as those who are more experienced. We have both Starboard & RED stand up paddle boards in resorts plus a giant 10 person SUP.

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Introduction course

Those taking a quick introduction course on SUP boarding cover – carrying techniques, launching and landing, paddling area and conditions, stance, balance and trim, paddle techniques and strokes, self-rescue and how to care for the composite SUP board. This session will last between 1 hour and 1 hour 30 minutes. 

Aerobic SUP

This is a 1-hour session run by the Activities department early morning. This fitness session is available at a small charge and is booked in resort.

SUP away

This is a SUP boarding trip out of the sailing area. Guests who have completed the introduction course to supping and have gained the knowledge on how to paddle in a straight line can join this trip. The trip lasts for approximately 2 to 3 hours and takes in a rest stop. There is a small charge.

Private lessons

This is at a ratio of 2:1 with a member of the waterfront staff. These lessons would be provided at a cost of a normal private lesson. Lasting an hour, this lesson is aimed at the student’s ability. The client may want to concentrate on the aerobic aspect of the sport; if this is the case then a member of the activities team may provide the lesson.

Sunrise SUP

Early enough to catch the sunrise, these SUP boarding sessions along the coast or sailing area are a refreshing and invigorating way to start the day. Sunrise SUP is offered once a week and includes an early morning workout on the flat, tranquil sea as the sun is rising. These 45 minute sessions are available for a nominal fee before the waterfront officially opens. 

Childcare sessions

SUP boarding sessions may be arranged as part of the Junior and Kidz childcare programme. Indy’s will have the opportunity to do some SUP boarding as part of their programme. If there are spaces on the ‘Intro course’ these can be occupied by Indy’s. All suppers must wear a buoyancy aid whilst on the water and follow the Helmet policy as per all other activities on the waterfront.

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