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Lesvos, Greece

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Lesvos island is known for expansive sandy beaches, charming villages, glittering coves

Welcome to Lesvos, the Emerald Island: home to our Aeolian Village Beach Resort. 

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Get out and explore

Head into the rugged hills and you’ll quickly discover how Lesvos earned its nickname. With multiple forests, olive groves and an enormous variety of plant life, Lesvos is a botanical paradise. Couple this with the island’s heart-racing mountain climbs, and you’re all set for a holiday full of memorable moments.

But get ready for watersports moments, ancient history moments, fresh seafood moments, and sunset moments, too. There’s something for everyone on this welcoming island. Make a Lesvos holiday yours.

Agios Ermogenis Beach, Lesvos, Greece
View of Molyvos town, Lesvos, Greece

Local highlights

When it comes to Greek islands, Lesvos has it all. 

Based in the South-West of Lesvos, the Aeolian Village Beach Resort sits beneath the dramatic hillside in its own quiet corner of Eressos beach. 

Just a 15-minute stroll away is the fishing village of Skala Eresou, famous for its laid-back, bohemian vibe. As the birthplace of Sappho, often said to be the first lesbian poet, Skala Eresou has long been a mecca for the LGBTQ+ community. But the village is also a popular destination for families, honeymooners and locals alike. 

In the village, you’ll find plenty of cafes and restaurants, an archaeological museum, a traditional Hammam spa plus an open-air cinema. You’ll also spot signs for shiatsu, yoga, and other therapies popular with this spiritually-minded community. But few would disagree that Skala Eresou’s main attraction is its sand and shingle beach, stretching for 3km along the pristine coast. 

There’s no doubt this characterful Greek village is an ideal place to chill. But that’s only half the story, when you can just grab one of our bikes, and set off on a mountain trail. Or travel back in time and visit the world’s biggest fossilised forest, just a short taxi ride away. With Lesvos holidays, you’ll be surrounded by an abundance of nature and history. Your adventure starts here. 

Skala Eressos beach

Our local beach has been awarded a blue flag for its exceptional coastal environment, water quality and safety. Come meet the turtles living in a river that dissects the sand, and enjoy freshly caught seafood at one of the many waterfront tavernas.

The Skala Eressos Circular Trail

Arguably, the best way to breathe in the islands’ natural beauty is on foot. The nearby Skala Eressos Circular Trail is a 15k route and well-signposted. Look out for the landscapes’ varied vegetation and birdlife, plus the site where the ancient acropolis of Skala Eressos once stood.

The Petrified Forest

It might sound like a horror movie, but the Petrified Forest of Lesvos is a natural wonder. Just a half-hour car ride from the resort, the fossilised forest includes hundreds of trees, fruits, root systems, and animal imprints that are an astonishing 18.5 million years old.

Local food and drink

You're never too far from authentic Greek food in Lesvos—or a sunset-ready cocktail for that matter. If you're after a wide choice of places to eat and drink then head to Molyvos, the tourist capital of Lesvos. With a working fishing harbour, it’s an ideal spot to sample the local produce. Grab a harbour-side table and enjoy the theatre of the local sea commerce, as fishermen unload boxes of sardines, mackerel, and other oceanic delights. 

But you don’t need to hop in a cab to indulge in the best of the island's seafood.  Skala Eresou is home to a selection of seaside tavernas and bars, where you can enjoy boat-fresh helpings of fish while gazing into the blue. orgona Restaurant.

Our local beach is also home to a variety of sundowner spots. Unwind from a day of watersports with a glass of homemade lemonade or soak up the sunset with a cocktail at one of the beachside bars and restaurants. After a day spent sailing, smashing your serves, or riding off into the volcanic terrain, you’ve earned a treat.  

Retail therapy

Shopping on Lesvos provides a welcome change from international brands and soulless shopping centres. Here you’ll find small, specialised stores selling locally produced goods. 

The city’s popular Olive Wood House store sells a variety of wooden handicrafts, including vases, photo frames and spoons. Meanwhile, Stelios Stamatis Handmade Ceramics Workshop sells stunning ceramic jugs, vases and plates. 

Lesvos is also known for its high-quality jewellery. Irida Jewels in Art in Molyvos (a 1.5 hour car ride away) is run by an artist who sells handmade gold and silver pieces by himself and other designers. The pretty hillside village is a lovely place to potter around and worth a visit in itself. Here you’ll discover all kinds of interesting shops, whether you’re looking for books, Greek art, traditional sweets, olive oil, or wine.  

Whatever takes your fancy, you’ll be sure to come home with souvenirs that are as unique as your Lesvos holiday memories. 

Best days out

Looking to explore a different side of the island? There are plenty of action-packed days out to be had in Lesvos, whether you’re in the mood to find your sea legs, learn more about the region’s industrial heritage or enjoy a bit of well-deserved r&r. The lively capital of Lesvos, Mytilene, on the island’s Eastern coast, is also an easy day trip away.

Rabbit Island

There are a number of boat trips on offer in Lesvos to explore its many coves and snorkelling spots. Some include a stop off at the tiny Island of Saint George—otherwise known as “Rabbit Island”, thanks to its furry inhabitants.

Olive oil museum

You’ll likely sample the region’s delectable olive oil in most Lesvos dishes—so why not learn more about its history at the highly-rated Museum of Industrial Olive-Oil Production? Housed in the beautifully restored olive press building, the museum is an hour away via a taxi or one of our hire cars.

Hot springs

Thanks to its volcanic origins, there are various hot springs in Lesvos where you can sink into a therapeutic mineral bath. One of the closest to the resort is in Eftalou, a 1.5 hour car ride away to the North of the island.

Best beaches in Lesvos

If beach living is your thing, there are multiple destinations to explore on a daytrip away from the resort. With a range of highlights, from stunning views to local delicacies to try, these popular beaches are just a cab ride away.


The longest sandy beach on the island, Vatera beach stretches for an amazing 7km along the coast. A 1–2 hour car ride away from the resort, it’s the perfect day trip for beach lovers. There’s a variety of traditional taverns and modern bars, but the beach is big enough to guarantee a quiet spot too, if that’s what you’re after.


Petra beach is one of the most beautiful on Lesvos, with views of the tiny, ecological islands of Ai Giorgis, Mikro Nisi, Glaronisi and Mirmigi. An hour and 20 minutes away from the resort, you can spend the day relaxing on the golden sand or throwing yourself into the watersports on offer.

Saint Isidore (Agios Isidoros)

Around 1–2 hours away from the resort, this sand and pebble beach is famous for its clear blue waters. It’s also next to the city of Plomari—the homeland of Ouzo, the national drink of Greece. Try the traditional anise vodka while kicking back at one of the beach bars, or even squeeze in a visit to the nearby Museum of Ouzo.

Culture and history

When it comes to cultural and historical landmarks, you’re spoilt for choice in Lesvos. The island has been inhabited since the Neolithic times and during the Bronze Age. It was later occupied by the Romans in 168 BCE and remained part of the Byzantine Empire until falling to the Ottomans in 1462 CE. Thanks to its rich history, Lesvos has a fascinating range of architecture, including the Ottoman baths, the Yeni Mosque, folklore exhibitions, and many art demonstrations. You can learn about three of our favourite cultural sites below.

Byzantine castle of Molyvos

The Byzantine castle of Molyvos was built in 1373, on the site of the acropolis of the ancient city. This ancient fortress has evolved over many centuries: during the Roman era, parts of it were destroyed, and later lower sections were modified during the Ottoman occupation. The castle has a cafe and visitor centre, but one of the best things about the landmark is its spectacular views of the Aegean Sea. Let the azure waters carry you back through the ages as you explore this integral piece of Lesvos history.

Temple of Messon

Get lost in the enchanting world of Greek mythology with a visit to the Temple of Messon at Mesa, a 1.5 hour car ride away from the resort. One of the oldest archaeological sites of Lesvos, the temple is a peaceful space dedicated to the Greek deities Hera, Zeus and Dionysus. Come admire the ruins of the temple’s ancient columns against their backdrop of lush green hills. The site also features some beautiful mosaic flooring and artefacts dating back to several centuries BC. The tranquil grounds invite you to switch off and even meditate for an hour or two.

Panagia Agia Sion

This stunning church, situated within an ancient village, was first built in 1170 and features an ancient icon of the Virgin Mary. Around 1453, the Christians of the temple commissioned an iconographer to make a copy of the artwork, as the original had deteriorated over time. This copy is considered an outstanding work of Byzantine art, and, remarkably, the original icon was discovered hidden inside it in 1838. Inside the church, you’ll also discover its elaborate ceiling and hand-painted art covering the walls. After admiring the ancient artworks, be sure to spend some time at the village square. Brimming with character and authentic Grecian charm, the village is the perfect place to while away a few hours and has a variety of souvenir shops. Get yourself a coffee, plus one of the delightful local sweets, and soak up the atmosphere.