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02 Jul 2024

At Mark Warner we’ve had years of feedback from our adults about what makes their family holiday the best it can be.  But of course, it’s not just mums and dads who check in for that well-earned break.  A last-minute family holiday will include plenty of children – including teenagers.  So – this year - we decided to ask a teenager what they want.  And here are the top tips from our very own secret teen, which– we’ve taken on board – and added our own checklist.

Teenager Holiday Checklist

I am a teenager, so holidays have always meant going with my family (apart from the occasional stay away with school).  

I don’t get any say in where we go. But I do have my own ideas about what I want from a holiday.

So – mums and dads – if you want more smiles than sulks, here’s my guide to what we want the next time you drag us away from our rooms and onto a plane for the sun… My 6 most important rules for a holiday:

Rule 1 - Sleep

When on holiday, all I want is simple: sleep. If you could pay me to sleep, I would drain your money away in a week. So, whenever the breakfast is at 8.00am, and I got to sleep at 11:30pm because of brothers and sisters, and then there’s sometimes jet lag, I just can’t get up that early. That’s why the most important thing on a holiday for me is sleep.

Our resorts have a wide choice of spacious family rooms. A tasty continental breakfast is served from 7.30am to 8am for those early birds, a full cooked buffet style breakfast is served from 8.00am to 10.00am, and for those looking for a lie in, a continental breakfast is available from 10.00am to 10.30am. The Indy club also has a social breakfast table in the restaurant restaurant – so teens can all sit together away from parents, an added motivation to get up and get going.  Even the sleepiest teen is likely to love grabbing a bite to eat before joining the morning activities.

Rule 2- I want to be the who chooses what I do (sometimes, anyway)

 Now for the actual holiday, what can I do? Do I have to be stuck to my parents as they drag me to see some landmarks, while I melt in the sun.  Can’t I just hang out with someone born this century at a beach or maybe even a pool?  If I choose to do nothing all day, why would that be a problem?

Our Indy club is available for 14 -17 year olds from the end of June to the end August and during October half term. It provides a ready made social scene, where teens can hang out or do some sports and activities without mum and dad hovering over their shoulders. It’s free, but we recommend pre-booking.  We also have childcare for younger children starting from just 4 months, including our Kidz club for tweens aged 10 to 13 years old. 

Rule 3 – I don’t want to feel alone (even when I want to be on my own)

When on a holiday, the only people you know are your family, and I know mine well enough already. That’s why I try and make new friends, but you can’t just walk up to someone at random. You need to have something in common, like being the same age, or having some club to go to, or a sport like sailing down at the beach.

Our Indy club leaders will ensure everyone gets a chance to mix in and make friends – whether being active and sporty, or having dinner in the evening, or having chilled time or social dinner in the evening. The flexible weekly program offers teens that perfect balance while parents can relax knowing that their kids are in safe hands.

Rule 4- Holidays shouldn’t be boring

Sometimes doing nothing isn’t enough, and I’ve got some energy that needs burning off.  So what’s on offer? If I want to spend the whole day away from my parents and wear myself out, how do I do that? Coasting along the coast in a boat?  And I don’t just want the same old boring things all the time.  

Each of our resorts in Greece and Turkey offer a wide range of activities for teens to dive into. They can have fun while keeping active day after day with their new friends; from kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, stand-up paddle boarding, tennis, team sports like beach volleyball and much more.

a group of girls playing with a surfboard on a beach

Rule 5- Chilling out

Sometimes doing everything is a bit too much.   Streaming is great, but that doesn’t cut it all the time.  Just hanging out with some new friends, it doesn’t really matter what we do.

We have specially reserved areas for the Indy club teens to unwind from their oh-so-stressful holiday lives!  And plenty of wifi too if they just can’t take too much time away from their phones.

Rule 6- Food

I’m good at sleeping, but I am world class at eating.   IF it’s the right stuff on my plate.   And I want to eat when I’m hungry, not when it’s best for everyone else.

Each of our summer beach resorts has a buffet style breakfast and dinner in the restaurant with a wide-range of menu choices to suit even the most discerning of diners. Our resorts also have a choice of terrace bars, where teens can refuel on salads, burgers, pizza etc.. All of the main teen food groups are covered...

a group of people sitting at tables

Mums and Dads you have been told! 

Thank you secret teen!

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