Toddler Club

Childcare for 1-2 years

Stimulating play and exceptional care

Our Toddler Club is perfectly set up for this most lively minded age group. Throughout the day our nannies provide a busy programme of games, stories, music and art to keep toddlers amused. Weather permitting, there are buggy outings and snow play for the older toddlers. Where possible, we try to ensure that children have the same keyworker all week, and we do our utmost to adapt to your child’s usual daily routine.

24/25 season

  • Childcare x 6 days
  • 9.00am to 5.00pm daily
  • One nanny to three toddlers
  • Supervised lunch
  • £520 per week plus the relevant holiday cost

The evening listening service is only available for those who have booked daytime childcare and is included in the cost.