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Waterskiing Holidays for Beginners

We’ve all been there at some point on holiday. You’ll be lying on a beach looking at the waves and see someone rip it up as they skim across the water on skis. Without getting yourself in an envious mood, you’ll be delighted to know that at our sun resorts in Greece and Turkey holiday-goers have the opportunity to do a true bucket-list holiday activity; learn how to waterski in the Mediterranean. 

Even though it looks like it takes a lot of effort, it is incredibly easy to learn how to waterski. Any guest can quickly take the reins and experience the unforgettable thrill of hitting the waves without a care in the world.

With expert instructors at hand, you’ll quickly go from learning the ropes on land to holding them and pulling off expert moves like a professional in no time at all.

Get your jacket on, pop your feet in the skis and see what waterskiing is like on a very special day at the beach with us.

Who are waterskiing holidays for?

We believe that everyone who has the chance should take a little time from relaxing by the pool or beach to try waterskiing. We think it is ideal for:

• Teenagers - with lessons available for anyone aged 13 and up, teens will love the chance to try such an exhilarating activity. 

• Solo travellers - the ideal solo watersport; it's just you, the skis and whatever direction the boat takes you.

• Adults - for anyone who is looking to try something different on holiday, waterskiing promises to be a good laugh and just the type of activity you wouldn't get the chance to do back home. 

Getting started with waterskiing on holiday

You’ve woken up to another gorgeous sun holiday at your chosen resort and feel like today’s the day to try waterskiing. As with any new activity, it can be a little daunting if you have no prior knowledge of what’s going on.

Just because you don’t know what way the skis point, how you’re meant to stand or think your balance may be off doesn’t mean you should feel put off learning to waterski.

With just a few minutes spent learning the basics and how to ride safely, you should be able to get the basics.

Basic waterskiing manoeuvres

First time on skis? Expect plenty of pratfalls and your balance being tested at every turn.

Waterskiing looks difficult but is surprisingly easy to pick up and learn. Some guests equate the activity to simply learning how to hold a rope while maintaining a body squat.

There are several basic manoeuvres you will practice as part of your lesson to get used to how to stand and move when on skis. Our waterski expert Jessica Gillam will run us through some of the basic skills and movements you’ll want to know about when learning to waterski.

Reading about them will help you see what to do, with some you can even try at home:

Advanced waterskiing manoeuvres

You’re comfortable taking the reins and feel like you need to up your game when splashing around on the skis. So what’s next?

With each session lasting 10 minutes, you’ll quickly want to push your skills forward and learn new tricks, like how to side slide and back wrap.

Getting into particular, waterski expert Jessica Gillam shares some of their preferred advance manoeuvres for those of us looking to master the waves:

Basic waterskiing moves

Advanced waterskiing moves

Waterskiing courses

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