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Scuba diving holidays for beginners

Getting the chance to scuba dive in the Mediterranean is one of those once in a lifetime activities that just cannot be passed on. When you’re staying in one of our luxury resorts, you’ll get the opportunity to learn how to scuba dive and see the stunning waters in destinations like Levante Beach ResortPaleros Beach Resort and Lemnos Beach Resort.

The Aegean Sea is just calling out to be explored. Whether you’re familiar with using scuba gear, are proficient in diving with scuba flippers, or your diving experience only goes as far as snorkelling around the hotel pool, don’t worry. We provide the chance for beginners to learn how to scuba dive in enviable locales and take to the water with confidence. 

With PADI accredited instructors showing how you to snorkel and dive safely, you’ll be able to see what makes this part of the world beloved by so many travellers.

Grab your mask and get ready to make a splash when you go scuba diving.

Who are scuba diving holidays for?

Scuba diving should be a must do on anyone’s holiday wish list. In our opinion, it is ideal for:

• Solo travellers – Anyone staying with us on an adult sun holiday should jump at the chance to do one of the most invigorating solo activities on offer
• Kids – Children from 8 and above can take part in courses that teach the basics
• Adults – as well as going on a simple beginner’s course, adults can take part in a PADI adventure diver certification course.

Getting started with scuba diving on holiday

You decided to take the plunge and want to go scuba diving on your holiday. Courses can be booked when you come to your resort or in advance back in the UK before you travel.

For most people booked in, this will be their first-time scuba diving. That means it is very important to know what to do before you hit the water. Many of the courses, especially the kid’s courses, will have initial lessons and safety training at the resort; some first lessons even see you in the hotel pool to help you get acquainted with using equipment in the water. 

In no time at all, you’ll be familiar with going through the motions as you prepare for your first dive.

Are scuba diving courses provided at all sun resorts?

All of our Greek beach resorts provide scuba diving, with some other resorts providing pool dives or snorkelling as part of our extensive range of watersports. The courses are run by PADI accredited instructors.

Want to learn how to scuba dive in Greece? Here are the Greek destinations guests can scuba dive in:

• Lemnos Beach Resort
Courses take place at the on-site diving centre. Dives will allow you to get up close to squid, octopus and barracuda schools. Full information on each dive can be found at the Lemnos Beach Resort scuba diving page.
• Levante Beach Resort
Courses take place at the diving centre near the beach bar. Dives take place at Kolymbia, Ladiko, Kalethia and Lindos. Full information on each dive can be found at the Levante Beach Resort scuba diving page.
• Paleros Beach Resort
Courses take place at the diving centre, with dives available for all skill levels. Full information on each dive can be found at the Paleros watersports page.

Other resorts that provide scuba diving through partners include:
• Perdepera Beach Resort
Sardinia has some stunning waters. Guests can take lessons at a local centre before setting out to sea. Full information can be found at the Perdepera scuba diving page.
• Phokaia Beach Resort
Foça Dalış is our preferred scuba diving partner in the area, providing an excellent range of dives to savour the sights of the local area. Find out more at the Phokaia scuba diving page.

Are there scuba diving courses for children?

Yes. We have PADI courses available for children to get in on the action. Courses children can take part in include:

PADI Bubblemaker
Created for kids aged 8 and 9, PADI Bubblemaker is a great introduction for getting little ones accustomed to being underwater through a one-off lesson taking place in a swimming pool. Kids will be able to take their first breathes underwater with supervisors guiding them through the excitement of being able to use scuba diving equipment. The course can be pre-booked for £25.

PADI Seal Team
Created as a more advanced course for kids aged 8 and 9, PADI Seal Team is a four-hour course taken over two half-day sessions. The course is designed with mini “Aquaissions” to get kids taking pictures and using navigational equipment. Skills learned during the first half of the course include buoyancy control, mask clearing and regulator recovery, while the second session focusses on water games. The course can be pre-booked for £199

Manuals are necessary for any child taking part in a diving course and can be purchased at the resort. It is advisable that if you would like a child taking part in a diving course that you do book in advance to save money. If you book when you arrive, it will be subject to local taxes and as such will be dearer.

What adult scuba diving courses are there?

There are six courses available that can take you from a novice learning how to get used to the equipment to a confident diver going on night swims in no time at all. Adult diving courses at our resorts include:

Discover Scuba Diving
Created for anyone aged 10 and above, this is the best entry level course to take. You’ll get a crash course in dive theory, get a chance to use equipment in the hotel pool and take a dive in open water. 

PADI scuba diver course
Created for guests aged 10 and above, this is a two-day course that includes an in-depth look at dive theory, three preliminary dives in the pool and two dives at sea.

PADI open water diver course
One of the most popular PADI courses worldwide, this course includes a lot of training in the pool before going on four dives in open water.

PADI advanced open water diver course
Been diving a few times and feel it’s time to test the waters? If you’re a qualified open diver, you’ll get to choose from adventure dives away from the resort, deep dives in secluded areas and even a special night dive.

PADI adventure diver certification
When you’re keen to learn how to scuba dive in the Mediterranean but don’t feel the advanced course is suitable for you yet, the adventurer course is ideal. In just one day you’ll carry out three dives, getting to choose from dive types like Digital Underwater Photography, Peak Performance Buoyancy and Underwater Navigation.

An important note for anyone interested in any course; we recommend that you book a course in advance before you travel as booking at the resort will incur local taxes.

What are PADI diving courses?

You may have noticed that all the scuba diving courses are PADI courses. PADI is the Professional Association of Diving Instructors,  the leading organisation for divers worldwide. They have the highest standards, and we are glad to have professional divers of this level working with guests at our resorts.

Do I need to bring anything to go scuba diving?

All the necessary equipment is provided as part of your course.

What limitations are there to scuba diving?

Before having your first lesson, you will be required to complete a medical history form to ensure it is safe for you to take part. If you or someone taking the chosen course with you has a current or previous medical condition, it would be advisable to bring along documentation from your doctor that you are fit enough to take part.

Are there any free scuba diving lessons at sun resorts?

At Greek resorts, guests can have a go and see if they’d like to take part in a full course with a free taster session in the pool. Our “Try Dive” sessions have an instructor talk you through how to scuba dive before letting you train with some of the equipment in the pool. In some cases, the instructor may take participants down to open water if they feel the group is progressing quickly.

Basic scuba diving manoeuvres 

Advanced scuba diving manoeuvres 

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