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Kayaking holidays for beginners

The sun is shining down. You’re enjoying the gentle breeze from the sea and waves are lapping ever so gently as you bob along in the water. Kayaking is one of those laid back activities that takes on a new dynamic when you’re on holiday in the likes of Greece or Sardinia. At our sun resorts guests can avail of free kayaking to while away the day and try out an activity that isn’t too strenuous.

Whether you’re accustomed to being in a kayak or you’ve never tried it out before, going on a sun holiday is a fantastic way to learn how to kayak, as well as having the opportunity to try a comprehensive range of watersports. You won’t get a better location to learn how to kayak properly and do a little exploring from the comfort of your own kayak where you can watch the world go by.

Here is everything you need to know about how to kayak in the Mediterranean when staying with us on holiday.

Who are scuba diving holidays for?

Kayaking is a fantastic sport to do on holiday. In our opinion, it is ideal for:

• Solo travellers – It’s the perfect activity to try as a unique experience.
Couples – Kayak for two anyone? You can take turns from doing all the heavy lifting by swapping who has to row.
Families – Some kayaks are adaptable for a parent and child to do some exploring on the water.
• Kids – Kayaking is included in many of the different childcare group itineraries available at our resorts

Getting started with kayaking on holiday

For many people, the first time they come down to the beach to use a kayak they have a slight look of confusion on their face, especially those who can’t tell the front from the back. To help put minds at ease, our resorts have qualified instructors at hand to help get anyone up to speed in how to kayak and where to go out in the water to keep things easy.

Many of our resorts are situated on sheltered bays and calm beaches, making for the best kayaking conditions a beginner to ask for. It’s important to remember that this is a relaxed and laidback watersport, with the focus on taking it easy; you’re on holiday after all.

Are kayaking courses provided at all resorts?

Kayaking is a very easy activity to learn which means there are not dedicated courses as most guests only need a few minutes of safety training and guidance before being able to hit the water with confidence.

Our instructors will help newbies get a full education of what to do and answer any questions, especially how to get in and out in the water.

If you would like to receive a private lesson, you can ask at your resort if there is any space. Private lessons may have an extra cost and are subject to availability.

Are there kayaking courses for children?

Yes. As a part of some of the childcare day groups available at various resorts, kayaking is an integral part of the weekly itinerary for several age groups. These include:

• Junior Club (6 to 9 years)
Over six days, the twice-daily club will try kayaking as well as sailing and windsurfing
• Kidz Club (10-13 years)
Kayaking is a common afternoon activity in the post-lunch session to keep everyone perked up
• Indy Club (14-17 years)
Our oldest kids club has kayaking in the mix alongside a host of water sports and activities down by the beach.

In all our childcare groups, instructors have to provide full guidance on how to use a kayak and teach children how to have fun in a safe environment. You can learn more about childcare options at our resorts on our family summer holiday page.

What can I do on a kayak?

Alongside having the freedom to go out and kayak whenever you like, several resorts have a morning Kayak Safari for early risers. Guests can participate in a trip along the coast after sunrise to take in the sights further afield from the dedicated sailing area and get a real sense of what kayaking in the Mediterranean is like.

Most resorts will run the safari again the afternoon when the sun is calmer. These sessions can be booked at your resort for no extra cost.

Additional kayaking tuition

While popping in your kayak to go out in the water may be natural for some of us, when it's your first time having a go, using a kayak may feel like a challenge.

That’s why we have private kayak lessons available for those who wish to learn at their own pace. The lessons do have a cost that varies between resorts and is subject to availability.

What do I need to go kayaking?

Only a sense of fun. All the equipment you would need to go kayaking is free to use and available for all guests.

There is also a range of kayaks as well if you’re looking to try something different from your average beach kayak. If you fancy getting vertical, starboard and RED stand up paddle boards are also free to use. You can find out more about the excitement of paddle boarding on our SUP boarding page.

How much does it cost to go kayaking?

Kayaking is free for all our guests. Kayaks are on a first come- first served basis, and you can go out on the water for as long as you like.

It’s advisable to kayak early in the morning or later in the afternoon, as the sun can be very intense around lunchtime. And please remember to have sun protection applied before heading out.

Which resorts offers kayaking?

Kayaking is available at all sun resorts including:

Basic kayaking manoeuvres 

Advanced kayaking manoeuvres 






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