Personal Training

Get into shape or maintain your fitness on holiday with our experienced personal trainers

Personal Training On Holiday - New For 2024

We are very pleased to announce that we will be running Personal Training (PT) sessions across our Greek resorts in 2024, thanks to our partnership with Equals Results, a North London based gym group. It means you can top up or kick start your personal fitness regime on holiday.

If you regularly participate in PT sessions at home or in the Gym in the UK, or would like to see how it could work for you, then our Fitness Instructors can provide one to one PT sessions, giving you a personalised top to bottom workout involving all the major muscle groups, combining strength-building exercises with cardio activities, all in a 30 minute session.

Personal Training Sessions at our resorts

Each of our resorts in Greece provides Personal Training sessions, which are payable locally. 


  • LocationRhodes, Greece

 Train like a pro with one of our skilled personal trainers in the new air-conditioned gym. which was added last year to our Kamari Beach Resort.


Top up your fitness on holiday with a professional personal trainer this summer and take advantage of our air-conditioned gym.

  • LocationIonian Coast, Greece

Aeolian VillageBEACH RESORT

Get a tailored fitness plan with one of our expert personal trainers.

  • LocationLesvos, Greece


Get into shape with one of our experienced personal trainers and enjoy access to our small new gym.

  • LocationLemnos, Greece

Personal Training

Working with Equal Results, we have developed 30 minute personal training sessions, which can tailored to suit any guests holidaying with Mark Warner in Greece.  At our Phokaia resort in Turkey, we work with a local partner to deliver similar Personal Training sessions.

When you sign up for Personal Training sessions, our instructors will discuss your requirements and goals with you, and arrange sessions at a time to suit you during your stay. 

Our aim is to make the whole process of exercising with us as seamless as possible, so your routine remains uninterrupted! Our Personal Training sessions use our Gyms and the equipment in them. 

On the first day of your holiday, you can sign up for PT sessions and also for a Gym induction. 

All Personal Training is for over 18’s

Gym induction

Inclusive (1st day in resort only)

Price Approx. €15 thereafter

15 minutes

1 Personal Training Session

Price £25 (Pre-bookable)

1 x 30 minutes

3 Personal Training Sessions

Price £70 (Pre-bookable)

3 x 30 minutes