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Ephesus UNESCO World Heritage Site

If you find yourself jetting off to Mark Warner’s gorgeous Phokaia Beach Resort, be sure to visit the breath-taking cultural sites this historical area hosts. While taking in the incredible Mediterranean surroundings, one of the most popular things to do in Turkey is to take a trip to the historical town of Ephesus, a UNESCO world heritage site.

Discover the magical history of Turkey

Located in Selcuk, Turkey, Ephesus was one of the most important locations commercially in the past. Established as a port, this strategically located town was a trade hub of the ancient world and was of much religious importance for early Christianity.

On the edge of Ephesus is the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. This temple had a magnificent marble façade, however was set ablaze in 262 AD. Although the temple is still definitely a must see. Built to honour the goddess of the moon and the hunt, the Temple of Artemis deserves to be ticked off any bucket list and would make the perfect addition to any day trip from Phokaia Beach Resort.

The local government’s attention to preserve the cultural beauty of the area is clear to visitors who come from far and wide to take in some of the undisturbed features of the ancient town, which flourished under Roman rule. These include the stunning building remains which formally hosted some of the most important cultural, scientific and artistic advancements of the era.

Due to the worldwide cultural importance of the town, Ephesus was voted to be added to the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List, which brings together some of the most influential historical locations in the world and is democratically selected by the United Nations.

Getting to Ephesus

The ancient town of Ephesus can be reached easily by road. Located around 1 hour and 45 minutes’ drive from Phokaia Beach Resort, Foça this gives the perfect opportunity to absorb the undisturbed scenery between our Mediterranean resort and the historical hub of Ephesus. This is an excursion not to be missed.

What to expect in Ephesus

Ephesus is very welcoming to tourists and you have the freedom to take in the sites yourself, at your own pace or be shown the area by a tour guide. The town is easy to navigate around and even with a casual stroll you can stumble across some amazing remains.

If you are visiting the incredible Phokaia Beach Resort, Foça, here at Mark Warner we would highly recommend taking some time out to visit Ephesus. If you found this interesting take a look at our selection of other handpicked historical sites near to the resort.




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