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Sailing holidays in Rhodes

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Sailing at Levante Beach Resort

With its large sailing area and varied wind strengths this resort provides both beginner and intermediate sailors with ideal conditions to learn and improve their sailing techniques. We have plenty of kit to choose from including: Laser Bugs, Laser Funboats, Laser Picos, Lasers, Topper Xenons, Topper Vibes, Topper CX16's and RS500's.

RS Quba dinghies were introduced to our fleet last year offering a new alternative to the Laser Pico for beginner sailors. This summer, we can't wait to get the Sunset series racing underway and continue to sharpen our focus on youth training. The classic Optimist dinghy and Laser Bugs have proved to be a great means of getting children hooked on sailing.

Our team of qualified instructors provide group or private tuition.

FREE group sailing tuition and clinics

Group sailing clinics run over 5 days of the week and are tailored to ability. Groups are made up of a maximum of 6 people. Simply come along to the watersports briefing at the beginning of your holiday and sign up. 

Introduction to Sailing

Learn the basic skills which will have you out on the water in no time, and enjoy the thrills of sailing a Laser Pico.
FREE 3 hours of tuition.

Refresher Sailing

Haven't sailed in a while, then this 1 hour session will refresh your memory and skills.
FREE 1 x 1 hour session.

Improver Sailing

Keen to progress your sailing skills to race techniques, trapezing, asymmetrics and catamaran sailing, then join these clinics across your holiday week.
FREE 5 x 1½ hour sessions.

Advanced sailing courses and private tuition

RYA Adult Courses


RYA Adult Courses

As an RYA accredited centre, we teach the National Sailing Scheme. This offers you the chance to earn a recognised, certified qualification, ideal if you are interested in owning a dinghy or joining a sailing club.

The minimum age for adult courses is 14 years. RYA certificate and log book (subject to successful assessment) are awarded. Courses are always popular, we recommend pre-booking in the UK.

RYA Start Sailing (Level 1)
The beginner's course. Run throughout the course of the week, teaches the fundamentals of sailing. By the end of the course, participants will have a basic understanding of sailing up, down and across wind, turning the boat and how to recover from a capsize. 
Price £70

RYA Basic Skills (Level 2) 
Taking you to the next level, this course consolidates the skills learnt on the Start Sailing course and sets out the foundations of sailing. By the end of it you'll be a competent light-wind sailor. 
Price £70

RYA Better Sailing (Level 3)
Bridging the gap between Start Sailing, Basic Skills and the Advanced Modules this course makes the transition easier for those wishing to progress through the scheme. Through a large amount of time spent at the helm, confidence is built and technique is developed. 
Price £70

Please note: All courses booked in resort are subject to local taxes.

RYA Further Modules


RYA Further Modules

Now pre-bookable!

Further Modules are for those who have already mastered the practical skills and absorbed the background knowledge required for levels 2-3. Book prior to arrival or in resort, available for adults and children 14 years and over.

RYA Seamanship Skills
The successful sailor will be capable of manoeuvring a dinghy in a seamanlike manner and capable of making seamanship decisions in moderate conditions. Course emphasis is placed on increasing self-reliance and decision making. 
Price £70

RYA Sailing with Spinnakers
An exhilharating course that teaches you how to rig, hoist, drop and trim a spinnaker effectively. Large amounts of time are spent on the water learning how to maximise boat speed and understand best course downwind.  A useful course if you are interested in racing crewed boats. 
Price £70

RYA Start Racing
A course designed to give you confidence, knowledge and skills to help you partake in club racing in good conditions. 
Price £70

Please note: All courses booked in resort are subject to local taxes.

RYA Youth Courses


RYA Youth Sailing Scheme

Offering both a fun and educational experience with structured and progressive learning, delivered under the watchful eye of our experienced, qualified instructors allowing children to come away with an RYA qualification.  

The scheme links in with the adult programme allowing for a smooth transition as children's skills develop. Run throughout the week, a certificate (subject to successful assessment) is awarded at the end of the course. It is recommended to pre-book in the UK.

Stage 1 (Age 6-13 years)
Introducing younger sailors to the basics of launching and recovering, steering, parts of the boat and basic sailing.
Price £50

Stage 2 (Age 6-13 years)
Increases the ability of the young sailor's basic sailing skills, rope work and collision avoidance. At the end of the course they will be able to tack and control boat speed and leave and return to shore under supervision. 
Price £50

Stage 3 (Age 8-13 years)
Focusing on rigging, launching and recovery, sailing techniques, capsize recovery and sailing theory. By the end of the course the young sailor will be able to launch and sail a dinghy around a triangle with confidence in moderate conditions. 
Price £50

Stage 4 (Age 8-13 years)
Teaching sailing techniques including launch, mooring and recovery manoeuvres in crewed boats and recovering man overboard. Booked in resort only.
Price £50

Please note: All courses booked in resort are subject to local taxes.

Private Tuition


Private Tuition

Available for all levels of sailor this lesson is tailored to your needs and is for both adults and children. Booked in resort with a maximum of 2 participants.

1 x 60 minute lesson
Price £50

Please note: All courses booked in resort are subject to local taxes.

Kit List

Kit List - Dinghies & Catamaran’s 

Youth Dinghies
Hartley 10

Singlehanded Adult Dinghies
Laser Pico
RS Qubar
RS Aero*
Hartley 12

Crewed Adult Dinghies  
Topper Xenon
RS Quest 
Hartley 12.2

Crewed Performance Dinghies


*The RS Aero will be charged at 15€ for ½ an hour and 30€ for the sunset challenge. Please ask in resort for further information.

Please note: Equipment may vary.



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