Lemnos Island Holidays

Lemnos Holidays reflect both the gentle pace of life here, as well as its unspoilt surroundings while being only a 30 minute transfer from the airport. The white buildings, terracotta roofs, groves of shady trees and quiet gardens come together to recreate a real village feel.

Lemnos Resorts

Visitors to our Lemnos Resort, Lemnos Beach can enjoy relaxing days on the beach or get involved with all the activities in the resort, while admiring  the beautiful surroundings.

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Why Choose Lemnos for your Family Summer Holiday

Local Food

Local Food

The traditions of Lemnos are never so present as in the food. Lemnos is renowned for its delicious fruit, particularly its figs which are said to be exquisite and its grapes, famous for producing the dry white whine called “Moshato”. Cheese is also a local specialty, especially feta cheese and “salamoura” cheese. Sweets and pastries such as halva, a dessert made with syrup nuts and raisins, is also extremely popular. Finally with the harbour so important to life in Lemnos, its fish is of course unparalleled. Lemnos is famous for lobster on coals, octopus in embers and mussels, all freshly caught and traditionally prepared.


Culture & History

Culture and History

Lemnos has a truly rich and exciting history steeped in myths and legends of gods and heroes as well as being an important archaeological site and place of discovery. According to Greek mythology Lemnos is sacred to Hephaestus, the god of fire and volcanoes, who was cast out of Mount Olympus and fell on the island. Myth also says that Lemnos was the home to revengeful Amazonian women who killed their unfaithful husbands. Historically, the ruins of the oldest human settlement can be found on Lemnos about which you can learn more at the Poliochni Archaeological Museum in Myrina.

What to See and Do

What to See and Do

An Island reaped in history, culture, beauty and authenticity, Lemnos is one of the few Greek Islands to have been relatively untouched by tourists and has preserved local traditions.  Visit the busy harbour and port of Myrina and enjoy watching fishermen go about their daily business on the backdrop of country churches and beautiful stone houses. Lemnos’ stunning mountainous landscape with two large lakes where flamingoes roam are perfect for walking excursions or coach tours. Sandy and pebbly beaches are irresistible to sunbathers and the clear blue sea is ideal for water sports such as sailing, water-skiing and windsurfing.



Lemnos’ weather is as attractive as the island’s beautiful landscape. It boasts a dryer climate than other North- Eastern Aegean islands. Lemnos is also known for its strong winds, hence its nickname “the wind ridden one”, the perfect accompaniment to the hot, dry summers. The rest of the year has a relatively mild Mediterranean climate where rainfall is rare, though the occasionally snow fall does occur in winter.


Why We Love Lemnos

Why I Love Lemnos

Name: George Virvilis
Position: Resort Manager

Which resort and country do you work in?
Lemnos Village, Greece.

How long have you been working with Mark Warner?
17 years.

What’s your favourite thing about your resort?
With a maximum of 300 guests I feel it is the perfect size.  We create a very social environment where we become a big family after a few days as everyone gets to know each other.  Everything is close so you can get involved in all that we offer.  Plus, there are some of the greatest sunsets (the whole hotel is west facing) you will ever see.

What are your top 3 favourite things about working with Mark Warner?
Meeting so many people; working with, and nurturing, the youngsters of tomorrow; there is never a boring day.

What are your top 3 favourite things about working in the country that you do?
Being Greek it’s good to be “home”; the abundance of sunshine; the exceptional food.

When you’re not working, what do you do to keep entertained? 
I like to try the different local tastes; discover the secluded beaches and to listen to all the different stories from the guests and staff.

What’s your favourite food from the area in which you work?
The local produce on the island is immaculate and the fish is out of this world.  Lemnos is known for its fresh fish and I have not been disappointed…not even once!

What’s your favourite local activity?
I like getting involved with the guests as much as possible as I like being a “Mr fix it”.  My football days are over so all I do is watch…  

If you had one tip for anyone visiting your resort, what would it be?
Be prepared for good winds, great food…and your children begging to come back!



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