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SUP boarding holidays for beginners 

We are extremely lucky that our sun resorts can call home to some of the most stunning and picturesque beaches you’ll find in the Mediterranean. From the long sandy beaches of Perdepera Beach Resort to the idyllic bay of Phokaia Beach Resort, we put the focus on guests having the chance to get out in the water, try out watersports they’re possibly not familiar with, and have the opportunity to do something unique that can create a lasting holiday memory.

At all of our resorts, guests can try their hands at something new when they grab a paddle and make a splash while checking how good their balance is by trying out stand up paddle (SUP) boarding.

SUP Boarding for Mark Warner guests

Originally hailing from the shores of Hawaii, this sport has made its way across the ocean and taken off in a big way around the Mediterranean. We are proud to offer it for free to all guests, especially if you’ve never heard about it before and would jump at the opportunity to learn a new sport.

Luckily for guests, SUP boarding just so happens to be an incredibly easy sport to get to grips with.

Who are SUP boarding holidays for?

If you’re in the process of checking out everything we have to offer at your chosen beach resort and are on the fence about SUP boarding, believe it when we say it is just one of the best watersports you could try out. 

SUP boarding is ideal for:

-No risk travellers - SUP boarding is a balance game and a very easy one at that. If you view watersports as having a level of difficulty that would traditionally put you off, you’ll be delighted to know this doesn’t have it and it is very easy to learn.
-Teenagers - Anyone aged 14 and above has the opportunity to try out this unique sport, with the activity popular in the Indy social club.
-Adults - You don’t need to take any lessons or go through an extensive course. Adults can pick up their board, paddle out & go for it.
-Novices - First-timers won’t believe just how easy it is to paddle board. Many guests who are boarding for the first time on holiday, and maybe aren’t the best at other sports, come back to this time and time again.

Getting started with SUP boarding on holiday

So you’ve had a look while lounging on the beach at others out on the water and reckon you could give SUP boarding a go. How hard is it, and does it require any specialist knowledge?

For most resort guests, this will be their first interaction with this sport as it isn’t well known back home. The good news is that you don’t have to take part in any advanced courses to become a competent paddle boarder.

You will be shown how the board operates, how to use your paddle and what to look out for. The brief run through and quick lesson usually takes less than an hour, and you’ll be ready to tackle the water.

Basic SUP boarding manoeuvres

Get handed an oversized surfboard and paddle with no prior knowledge, and you might not know what to do with it. SUP boarding is simple and can be immensely enjoyable when you’re well acquainted with the basic moves and know what to look out for. 

Our SUP boarding expert JOHN DOE knows everything you’d ever need to know about safely moving in the water and what someone new to the world of SUP should be familiar with. Here are some of their top tips on mastering your use of the board through basic manoeuvres:

Advanced SUP boarding moves

You are familiar with your leash, know when your paddle isn’t facing the right way and know the correct way to fall off your board without hurting yourself. Now that you know the basics, you’ll be looking to get nifty on your board and see how to make a gentle pastime just that little bit more exciting.

If you are keen to learn more about the advanced moves you can make while out in the water, our expert JOHN DOE shares some of their favourite ways to challenge yourself on the paddle board:

Is SUP Boarding provided at all sun resorts?

Yes. With the success and feedback from guests at certain resorts, we have made sure that all our sun resorts now offer SUP boarding as standard.

Do I need to bring anything to go SUP boarding?

As long as you’re in your swimwear, you’re good to go. You will be given a life jacket which you will have to wear while in the water. 

As you’re above the water, unlike swimming, you can get bright light reflecting off the water, so wearing sunglasses may be worthwhile.

And with being out there for extended periods, we do also advise you apply plenty of sun cream before coming to the beach.

How much does SUP boarding at sun resorts cost?

SUP Boarding is free as standard at all our resorts.

Where to learn SUP boarding?

Want to learn how to SUP board in Greece?

You can try it out at the following resorts:

  • Paleros Beach Resort
    • Paleros is known for its calmer waters, making it a great for SUP first-timers. The tide stays quite low as you go out so you can find your footing quite quickly.
  • Levante Beach Resort
    • Every little detail you see at this resort was custom made for guests. The crystal clear waters make SUP boarding at Levante quite an enviable activity.
  • Lemnos Beach Resort
    • A fantastic family resort, SUP boarding is one of the top-rated family activities, along with the once in a lifetime opportunity to try windsurfing in Greece.

Want to learn how to SUP board in Turkey?

Phokaia Beach Resort sits on the edge of a glorious bay on the west coast of the island, providing you with some of the calmest conditions to get familiar with the sport. Guests also love Phokaia for the sailing and breadth of watersport options available.

Want to learn how to SUP board in Sardinia?

Get snapped paddle boarding with the view of the hills behind you, and you’ll have the perfect first impression of the sport at Perdepera Beach Resort. With windsurfing and sailing also on the cards, Perdepera watersports are well worth taking the time out to get involved with.

Want to learn how to SUP board in Corsica?

We’ve been lucky to call San Lucianu Beach Resort our Corsican home for nearly 20 years now. When you come down to the beach and pick up your paddle board for the first time, you’ll soon see why guests love it so much. With the location on the east coast, paddle boarding first thing in the morning is hard to beat.

SUP boarding lessons

Are there SUP boarding lessons for children?

Due to the nature of the sport, SUP boarding is only available for adults and children from 14 years old & above.

Are there SUP boarding lessons for adults?

Because SUP boarding is such a simple sport and quick to pick up, most adults won’t need to take lessons to learn the ropes. When getting your board for the first time, instructors will have to take you through the basics as part of a quick Intro to SUP lesson. You will be guided through the safety and important aspects of the activity, including:

  • How to use a SUP board
  • The function of the paddle
  • How to stay safe on the water
  • How to enjoy the views and stay balanced
  • How to sit, kneel and lie on the board

Are there private SUP lessons available?

You may be able to book in for a private lesson, but this varies from resort to resort. If you feel you would need a private SUP lesson, you will have to book this at your resort. You should know these are subject to availability and do come at an extra cost.






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