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sandy beach overlooking boats in sea in rhodes sandy beach overlooking boats in sea in rhodes

The largest and southern most island in the Greek Dodecanese island group is Rhodes, also known as ‘the island of the sun’.

Rhodes Holidays are located in the eastern Aegean Sea, boasting a mixture of ancient culture and natural beauty and enjoys one of the longest seasons of all the Greek destinations, with over 300 days of sunshine per year. From its Medieval cobbled Old Town in the North, to the small Greek villages in its interior and lively beach resorts on its shores - history buffs, beach-goers and explorers alike flock here to enjoy the splendour of a holiday in Rhodes. Filled with ancient, Hellenistic and Medieval historical gems, tasty tavernas and olive groves, this spearhead-shaped island is much closer to Turkey than the Greek mainland but is still gloriously Greek. A healthy tourist trade has brought with it all the amenities you could wish for in a comfortable holiday, as well as a nightlife that can get very vibrant in places.

Rhodes Resorts

Vistors to our Rhodes Resort, Levante Beach will enjoy sun filled days on the beach, or active days on the water with a watersport centre with a range of equipment for all abilities.

Venture a little further from this 5* resort and you are 20 kilometres from Rhodes Town with picturesque little villages, heavenly scented pine and cypress forests and miles upon miles of golden sandy beaches.

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Why Choose Rhodes for your Family Summer Holiday

Local Food

Local Food

As you would expect from a major tourist destination, food on Rhodes is super varied and offers something for fussy eaters and more adventurous foodies alike. From simple fast food fare to gourmet dining, international cuisine or typical Greek dishes like Moussaka and Tzatziki, it’s all here. Because the Rhodes soil is so rich, many of the traditional Greek dishes here are based on fresh vegetables, olive oil and local herbs and spices.

Traditional Greek and Rhodian dishes

Mezedes: Typically Greek, small portioned dishes which are shared as starters, lunch or dinner. They consist of things like stuffed vine leaves (dolmades), dips (tzatziki, taramasalata) and fried feta (saganaki).
Rouzetia with Skordalia: Small fried fish eaten whole and served with garlic sauce. These fish are only found around Rhodes.
Hilopities: Delicious handmade egg pasta, usually accompanied by tomato sauce or meat.
Pitaroudia: Found all over Rhodes, but particularly in Afandou village, plump chick pea fritters made with onions, tomatoes, mint and of course, olive oil.
Casserole meat dishes: With onions and potatoes in earthenware pots are another famous speciality of Afandou village.
Belkounia: A tasty sweet made with honey and sesame seeds.
Rhodian honey: Famous for being high in antioxidants and is used in many sweet desserts.


With so much sun and fertile soil, there’s a rich viniculture in Rhodes and trying some of its local wines (for example CAIR) can add to your experience while saving you some money too.

Ouzeries are a mixture of a bar and a taverna, based around the Greek national liquor, Ouzo. Greeks very rarely drink alcohol unless accompanied with food and these establishments offer mezedes, as well as beer and wine. Mythos, the local Greek beer, is loved by locals and tourists alike.


The tap water on Rhodes is spring water and is safe to drink. Restaurants will also serve it upon request.

Culture & History

Culture & History

As in other parts of Greece, Rhodians are of Greek Orthodox faith and love to celebrate their patrons, saints and key religious events like Easter with food, music and traditional dancing. Cultural events are often historically themed and take place in historical locations. 



To say the weather is Rhodes is beautiful would be an understatement. With average daily temperatures in the high 20s, and practically no rainfall from June to August, it is the ultimate example of perfect summer holiday weather.

Long hot days you can spend by the pool give way to mild evenings with slight breezes that make any al fresco dining experience around sunset just perfect.

You can expect an average of 14 hours of sun per day in the summer months, and with sea temperatures in the low 20s too, days by the surf at Levante Beach Resort can be blissful. Even well in to September and October, an average daily temperature of 23°C has Mark Warner guests making the most of the autumn sun.

Why We Love Rhodes

Why I Love Rhodes

Name: Sue Thomas
Position: Resort Manager

Which resort and country do you work in?
Levante Beach Hotel, Island of Rhodes, Greece.

How long have you been working with Mark Warner? 
Over 20 years, I started in 1986 in Skiathos, Greece, had a break in 2009 and I am now back again and very excited.

What’s your favourite thing about your resort?
It’s a new resort for Mark Warner, and me, so I’m really looking forward to finding out what my favourite thing is about this resort. I imagine that it will be the turquoise sea and sandy beach or possibly the 4 swimming pools!

What are your top 3 favourite things about working with Mark Warner?
1. The other people I work with in head office and in resort and the long term friendships that form. I really do feel like I am part of a large family.
2. The guests, especially those one gets to know well over the years.
3. The opportunities to do watersports in the summer and ski in the winter.

What are your top 3 favourite things about working in the country that you do?
1. The weather (mostly warm and sunny).
2. The people. I also speak the language which helps to really get to know them.
3. The food and the whole eating experience. Especially all the mezes on the table, the octopus, calamari, horta etc. and the way everyone just shares everything from the middle of the table.

When you’re not working, what do you do to keep entertained?
Try to be on or by the water. On boats, sailing, waterskiing, swimming.

What’s your favourite food from the area in which you work?
It’s very difficult to choose one type of food, but I will say the local fish soup (or the grilled octopus).

What’s your favourite local activity?
A taverna on the beach with friends, eating seafood and drinking cold white wine or travelling around the island visiting the beautiful remote places off the beaten track.

If you had one tip for anyone visiting your resort, what would it be?
Enjoy the facilities whether it be an activity on the water, playing tennis, sitting by the pool with a good book or a relaxing massage in the spa. Just enjoy and make the most of all the activities and pleasures on offer. Get out and about to see the local places and meet the local people.


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