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Kayaking at Lemnos Beach Resort

You’re on a magical holiday in the Aegean Sea. The sun is shining, and you’re ready to seize the day and try something different than reading by the pool. At Lemnos Beach resort we offer kayaking for guests as a unique way to take in the atmosphere and get out there in the water without things getting too strenuous.

There’s no need to worry if you've never done it before. With it and a range of watersports activities included in your holiday, you’ll soon become a kayaking expert in no time at all. It just starts with learning the basics.

Kayaking lessons at Lemnos Beach Resort

Even though it’s seen as a laid back approach to tackling the water, we do take safety and security seriously. We provide lessons from qualified instructors on how to use a kayak, how to handle yourself in the water and how to stay safe. For those who have never kayaked before, our instructors will quickly guide you through the basics, get you familiar with being in a kayak and help you be confident to use one in no time at all.

In some of our kid’s programmes, we do offer kayaking lessons as well. You can find out which age groups we cater for, and more about what else kids can enjoy on a Mark Warner summer holiday at our family holidays page.

Kayak all day long

You won’t need to worry about only just getting out on the water and hearing the whistle to come back in. As kayaking is exclusively for our guests, you can spend as long as you like out in the water. After all, it is a laid back activity, so you shouldn’t feel rushed as you paddle around.

We do recommend if you are going to kayak to do so in the morning when the tide is calmest, and you can take it easy out there. Winds do tend to pick around lunch, and that’s when its best to do a spot of sailing (also included in your holiday) instead.

A picturesque location to kayak

The location of our Lemnos Beach Resort makes it an unbelievable spot to kayak. The water is great, the views as you look back in are fantastic, and the tide can stay serene for long periods. If you love getting some proper peace and quiet, it’s a must.

Also, see if you can spot any marine life in the water while you’re out there.

Watersports for the whole family

There’s more than just sailing available at Lemnos Beach Resort. It’s one of our top resorts for watersports. You can go scuba diving, try sailing for the first time, test your balance with SUP boarding or get a little adventurous with water skiing and windsurfing.

You can read more at our Watersports in Lemnos page.

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