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Visit Lemnos with its rugged landscapes, terracotta rooftops and multiple sandy beaches

Get ready for unforgettable holiday moments in Lemnos. One of the least-touristy Greek islands, Lemnos provides an authentic taste of Aegean living. Its peaceful, village-feel is a tonic, inviting you to mentally switch off, even as you physically switch on. 

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Get out and explore

Adventure-seekers will be in heaven in Lemnos, where there are many opportunities to hike among the green fields and mountains. And with certain beaches graced by gusty northern winds, the island is an ideal destination for kite and windsurfing fans. 

Rich with ancient history, natural wonders and some of the best food and wine of the region, Lemnos ticks every box for a magical Greek island getaway.

Myrina, capital and main port of Lemnos, Greece
Myrina Harbour in Lemnos, Greece

Local highlights

Less than a 10-minute drive or less than half hour cycle from Myrina, the island’s capital, the Lemnos Beach Resort on Plati Beach sits in a peaceful corner of a buzzy area. 

Plati Beach itself is a quiet paradise, with soft sand and warm, shallow waters. The gently shelving coastline welcomes a slower pace, whether you fancy a spot of snorkelling, swimming or lounging in the sun. But further out into the ocean, you’ll discover the ideal conditions for an action-packed day of watersports. 

Meanwhile, the lively harbour town of Myrina is worth returning to again and again during your stay. With neoclassical mansions, Ottoman fountains and beautiful stone houses, there’s plenty to please any architecture-enthusiast. The meandering streets are home to all kinds of restaurants and cafes, offering a range of dishes, from traditional Greek food to more modern, cosmopolitan cuisine. 

Between two waterfronts sits a Venetian castle, and there are ruins of an ancient settlement to explore too. But not everything is about history here—students flock to Myrina in the summer, giving the town a youthful, vibrant atmosphere. 

Climb Kastro van Myrina

Trekkers rejoice! Just a 10-minute drive from the resort is a wonderful trail up Kastro van Myrina. Along the walk you’ll find the remains of Myrina Castle, built in the 13th century by the Venetians. There are signposts in English to keep you on track. After fuelling up on a nourishing Mark Warner breakfast, lace up your walking shoes and head off for the hills.

Boat tours

Between June and September, you can take a sightseeing tour of the island by sea. Most tours stop for a meal and swimming—take one of the fishing trips, and you can catch your own lunch! There are also sunset cruises available for a romantic evening on the Aegean.

Thanos Beach

Awarded Blue Flag status, Thanos Beach is one of the most popular destinations on the island. With long stretches of sand, friendly beach bars and tranquil waters, it’s easy to see why. From the resort, it’s less than a 15-minute drive. Enjoy views of the surrounding hills and have a potter around the pretty village of Thanos on the way.

Local food and drink

Food and drink are absolutely central to Lemnos traditions and culture. Since 2017, the island has hosted Lemnos Philema: an annual festival dedicated to its gastronomy and wine, usually taking place in July. 

Don’t worry if your trip doesn’t tie in with the festivities, though—there are plenty of opportunities to sample the local produce at the many fantastic restaurants on the island. Note that not all the best restaurants are located in Myrina (although you’re certainly spoilt for choice here). Many of the picturesque villages have great places to eat and a chance to experience truly authentic Greek cooking. Take, for example, the little village of Kondias, south of Myrina, which is also known for its ouzo. 

More generally, foods to look out for include the island’s delicious fruit (particularly its figs), as well as its cheese (especially its feta and the local salamoura cheese). Halva, a dessert made with syrup nuts and raisins, is also a must-try. 

And of course, with much of life on Lemnos revolving around the coast, its fish is unparalleled. Seafood fans should make a beeline for the freshly-caught lobster on coals and octopus in embers and mussels. 

Meanwhile, Lemnos has a long tradition in wine-making—in fact the exceptional quality of its wine is noted in Homer’s Iliad. There are two main varieties of wine here: Limnio, which is believed to be the most ancient variety of grape, and Muscat of Alexandria, a white grape that was brought to the island from Egypt at the beginning of the 20th century. Enjoy! 

Retail therapy

For the best shopping on Lemnos, head to Myrina, where there are souvenir, artisanal and jewellery shops galore. When in town, make sure you pay a visit to Ochra Blue: an art gallery and boutique in one. Located in the central market of Myrina, one of the town’s main shopping streets, the store hosts fine art exhibitions while selling handcrafted ceramics and jewellery.

For more ceramics, Hephaestia Ceramics Workshop sells a range of handpainted goods by local artisans. Or, if you’re looking to head home with a range of unique gifts, clothing and accessories, Pink Flamingo Concept Store has got you covered. 

After sampling the island’s exceptional produce and local delicacies, you’ll no doubt be eager to purchase some of its gastronomical products too. Valsamo in Myrina has a range of local pasta, honey, wines and herbs, along with products from other areas of Greece. But you’ll find interesting gastronomic shops all over Lemnos. 

For an even better flavour of local life, why not venture to one of Lemnos’ vibrant markets? In Kotsinas, for example, you’ll discover the largest fish market on the island. Watch restaurant and taverna owners come and stock up on fresh produce, before testing it out at one of the villages’ tavernas. 

Best days out

Rich in ancient history and natural beauty, this relatively-small island packs a punch when it comes to great days out. Whether you want to immerse yourself in ancient history or marvel at spectacular scenery, there’s an activity to suit every personality and mood.  


A trip to Lemnos isn’t complete without a visit to this historical gem. Poliochni is said to be the first prehistoric city in the Aegean, as well as the first example of constituted democracy in Europe. Visit the archaeological site to see the remains of four ancient settlements. There’s also a brilliant museum and expansive views of the ocean.

Sand Dunes

Surrounded by lush greenery in the north of the island, you’ll find a mini desert. This unlikely site is created by the wind depositing golden sand from the nearby beaches. A 40-minute drive from the resort, the dunes roll like waves, morphing into different shapes with the changing weather. If you visit at sunset, keep your eyes peeled for wild rabbits, who like to come out and play in their giant sandpit.


Get closer to the island’s volcanic origins by visiting this remarkable geological monument. The almost-spherical formations are thought to have been created when volcanic lava met the sea. In various shades of ochre, the rock sediments are a natural wonder—and just a 30-minute car ride from the resort.

Best Lemnos Beaches

Lemnos’ sandy, unspoiled beaches are among the best in the Aegean sea. There’s something for everyone here, whether you’re all about kicking-back and sunbathing or bracing winds and adrenaline-pumping watersports. Explore three of our top choices below.  

Mikro Fanaraki Beach

This small cove is lined with dramatic rocks and caves—perfect for diving-off or exploring. Surrounded by green hills, the bay is a 40-minute drive from the resort. A beach bar keeps the mood lively, known for its great music, cocktails and coffee. Meanwhile, the shallow, calm waters and golden sand make it an excellent spot for families with young kids.

Keros Beach

With its northern winds and shallow waters, sandy Keros Beach is a kite and windsurfers’ paradise. The beach is a 40-minute drive from the resort, on the other side of the island. There are a number of schools with equipment for hire, plus restaurants where you can recharge after embracing the waves.

Gomati Beach

For a wilder-feeling beach and endless soft, yellow sand, head to Gomati Beach. There is one beach bar, operating without electricity, along this beautiful, untamed cove. The island’s famous sand dunes are nearby, so why not make a day of exploring this northern part of the island? You won’t regret it.

Culture and history

Like many Greek islands, Lemnos is infused with myth and legend. The island is sacred to Hephaestus, the god of fire and volcanoes, who fell on Lemnos after being cast out of Mount Olympus. But that’s not all—legend has it that the island was once only inhabited by women, ruled by a queen named Hypsipyle. Some say the women had killed off all the men after discovering their husbands had been unfaithful. Since its mythical matriarch, the island has had several rulers, including the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, each leaving their mark.

The Archaeological Museum of Lemnos

This neoclassical museum in Myrina is the perfect introduction to the history of Lemnos. Just a 12-minute drive from the resort, the museum displays a vast collection of artefacts, including stunning earthenware lamp statuettes of sirens and bronze tools. The entrance level shows prehistoric artefacts with a collection of marble statues. On the second floor, you will find items from the classical period of Lemmos from the 8th-6th century BC. Information is provided in Greek and English and there is a video on the history of the island with English subtitles.

The Ancient Theatre of Hephaistia

Fancy tracing the steps of the ancient Greeks? The amphitheatre of Hephaistia is an enchanting site and a great destination for a family day trip. Located in the east of the island near the town of Kontopouli, the ruins are just a 40-minute drive from the resort. The site dates back to the Classical Greek Period and was constructed between the 4th and 6th centuries BC. With most of the ancient seating still intact, it’s perhaps the best preserved ruin on the island. Come soak up the same ocean view that the ancient Greeks savoured thousands of years ago.

Church of Panagia Kakaviotissa

Around a 20-minute drive from the resort, the Church of Panagia Kakaviotissa sits inside a giant rock cavity at the top of the Kakavos mountain. The small chapel was founded by monks who escaped the Turkish invasion in 1416 BC. While the chapel is full of rustic charm, the joy of this excursion is just as much about the surrounding nature. From the car park, it’s about a 20–30 minute trek up stone steps to get to the top. Bring comfortable shoes and suncream, and make the most of the awe-inspiring views as you climb. There are sheltered areas along the path for you to catch your breath, or tuck into a picnic.