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Sardinia - Weather

Sardinian town sea front Sardinian scenery, mountain views Sardinian beach and coves Sardinian town Sardinian beach and rocks

Sardinia has a typical Mediterranean climate with long summers. It is hot and dry from May to October, making the crystal clear waters all the more inviting. Coastal temperatures reach an average high of 29°C in July and August. Inland, temperatures can even rise to 40°C.

September and October still see a lot of sunshine and winter months are mild and damp, although the mountain regions can see temperatures fall to 0°C.  Spring begins in March and gets a good amount of sunshine; it is an ideal time to visit as it is hot during the day and cooler at night.

Sardinia is also known as isola del vento or ‘the windy island’ due to the winds that come across the Mediterranean. Winds such as Scirocco, a hot wind originating from the African deserts in the South, the Mistral, a strong north-westerly wind, and the Levante, a moist wind from Northern Africa, mean that the island is a top destination for surfers and sailors. 

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Average high temperature: 22°C

Average low temperature: 12°C

Average daily rainfall: 9 days

Average daily sunshine hours: 9 hours


Sardinia’s long summer starts in May, with pleasant warm temperatures averaging the mid-20s. Sea temperatures can be quite nippy at 14°C – perfect for cooling you down in the heat of the day.



Average high temperature: 26°C

Average low temperature: 16°C

Average daily rainfall: 6 days

Average daily sunshine hours: 10 hours


June sees less rain and higher temperatures. However, there is rarely a time when the heat becomes overwhelming, thanks to the fresh sea breeze which blows all year round.



Average high temperature: 29°C

Average low temperature: 19°C

Average daily rainfall: 2 days

Average daily sunshine hours: 12 hours


July is a very dry month and sees an average of 12 hours of sunshine a day. Bear in mind that this is a popular time of year and you will not be the only tourist soaking up the rays.



Average high temperature: 30°C

Average low temperature: 19°C

Average daily rainfall: 5 days

Average daily sunshine hours: 10 hours


August falls in the peak of summer, with averages up to 30°C, even the nights remain close at 20°C. Make sure you wear cool clothing and seek out shade.



Average high temperature: 26°C

Average low temperature: 17°C

Average daily rainfall: 8 days

Average daily sunshine hours: 8 hours


Early autumn is a good time to visit Sardinia as there is still plenty of sunshine and sea temperatures are pleasantly warm. Those looking for a bit more privacy will find it is not so crowded with tourists.