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Pink flowers on wall in Turkey. Pink flowers on wall in Turkey.
Sea, harbour and buildings in Turkey. Sea, harbour and buildings in Turkey.
Cakes in Turkey. Cakes in Turkey.
Main meal. Main meal.
Camels on sand in Turkey, next to sea. Camels on sand in Turkey, next to sea.
Cannon, on castle looking out to sea. Cannon, on castle looking out to sea.
Trees next to sea. Trees next to sea.
Dresses. Dresses.
Boat, sea and land in Turkey. Boat, sea and land in Turkey.
Tea in Turkey in glass. Tea in Turkey in glass.
Boats and sea. Boats and sea.

PictureA holiday to Bodrum with Mark Warner whisks you away to this attractive port city on the southern coast of the Bodrum peninsula, in the Aegean region of Turkey. It once housed one of the Seven Wonders of The Ancient World – the Mausoleum of Mausolus – but today only a few pieces remain. This coastal city is perfect for a family holiday thanks to its blend of the traditional and comforts of modern life.

The hills are lined with rows of white sugar-cube houses and palm-lined streets which give the city an original charm. Bodrum castle, built in the 15th century by crusaders, has impressive medieval architecture in excellent condition and now houses an important underwater archaeology museum. Bodrum has a plethora of activities for you to enjoy such as a variety of beautiful trails for those who like hiking, taking you past spectacular landscapes and ancient wonders as well as scuba diving for those keen to explore local marine life. 

Where to Stay in Bodrum

Visit Sea Garden Beach Resort>

PictureThe Sea Garden Beach Resort is ideal. This all inclusive resort overlooks three stunning bays on the southern coast of Turkey's Bodrum peninsula. The resort even boasts its own village located on the hillside above the hotel with a quaint cobbled street of bars including an art gallery, spice bazaar, fashion boutique and jewellery shop.

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Why Choose Turkey for your Family Summer Holiday

Local Food


Local Food

The local food in and around Bodrum mainly consists of traditional Aegean cuisine which is different from other Turkish food thanks to the climate, soil and prevalence of olive trees. There are plenty of salads, vegetables, soups and kebabs to choose from as well as delicious locally caught fish. Yoghurt is also an important element and can accompany all meat and vegetable dishes, particularly fried aubergine and spinach with minced beef. Turkey produces many varieties of cheese, mostly made from sheep’s milk. It also includes a range of savoury and sweet pastries.


Turkish coffee should be black, strong and sweet and is served from a traditional coffee pot called a ‘cezve’. Efes is the national beer of Turkey and is the most popular in Bodrum. For something stronger, Raki, similar to Ouzo, is an aniseed flavoured drink which is generally mixed with water turning it milky.


Turkey practices safe sanitation standards and tap water is suitable for bathing and regular tasks such as brushing teeth. However, as it is heavily chlorinated (especially in summer), it is advisable to drink bottled water.

Culture & History

Turkish Culture & History

Religious festivals

Religious festivals in Bodrum are celebrated in accordance with the Muslim Lunar calendar. The biggest festival is Ramadan which is generally marked with a month of fasting and ends with Seker Bayram or Candy Festival, this is celebrated in October and is a festival of feasting and eating sweets. Next comes Kurban Bayrami, this somewhat gruesome ‘festival of sacrifice’ is a four-day festival, generally held in February, which honours the sacrifice of Abraham for his son Isaac with the killing and butchering of a sheep. A portion of the meat is then given to the poor and the other days are spent visiting family.

Cultural festivals

Bodrum Bicycle Festival: this is held in mid-May and is organized by the Bodrum Nature Sports Club. Cyclists follow almost every bicycle trail and finish up at Quay centre. There are also acrobatics, dance shows and live performance throughout the day.

Bodrum Cup Wooden Yacht Regatta: this fun regatta is held in October and attracts traditional wooden sailing boats from all over the world. Professionals as well as amateurs can attend and the competition is becoming more and more popular.

International Bodrum Film Festival: this is held in early June at Bodrum Castle. There is an awards ceremony, concerts and film screenings.

A history of Bodrum

Bodrum was originally known as Halicarnassus and has been home to many civilisations throughout history. According to Homer’s epics, Carians and Lelegs lived in Halicarnussus, which was a city in the Carian islands. The famous historian Herodotus, who was born here, records that the city was rebuilt in the 7th century BC, by émigré Dorians. The Persians who invaded Anatolia in 546 BC also invaded Halicarnussus which was then governed by Persian princes.

During King Mausolos’ time the town flourished as the capital of Caria with large walls and many grand architectural projects. Upon his death a temple-like tomb, the Mauseoleum, was built in his honour and became one of the Seven Wonders of the World until it was destroyed by an earthquake around 1700 years later.

Caria eventually surrendered to and was burnt by the armies of Alexander the Great. After being reigned over by the Egyptians, the Romans, the sailors of Rhodes and the Kingdom of Pontus it was given up to the Turkish Mentesogullari state in the second part of the 13th century.

At the beginning of the 15th century the Knights of Rhodes ruled the peninsula and in 1402, understanding the importance of Halicarnassus, they built the Bodrum Castle (St. Peter Castle) using the remains of the Mauseoleum. In 1522 Süleyman the Manific made it part of the Ottoman Empire.


Weather in Turkey

The coastal area around Bodrum sees mild rainy winters and hot, dry summers. The best months to visit Turkey are May, June, September and October when the weather is most pleasant. 

   May June  July  Aug  Sept  Oct 
High °C  26  30 34  33  31  25 
High °F 79  86  93  91  88  77 
Low °C 16  20  23  22  20  16 
Low °F 61  68  73  72  68  61 
Days of rain 3
Sunshine hours 9 11  12  10 
Sea Temperatures °C 19  22  24  26  25  24 


During May in Bodrum, you can enjoy the beautiful sights and scents of spring in full bloom. The hills and valleys are abundant with green vegetation and the cool but sunny days are ideal for hiking and sightseeing.


Summer in Bodrum is six months of non-stop sunshine with barely a drop of rain and after sundown you can enjoy warm night skies filled with a million stars.


July can get blisteringly hot, attracting many tourists who come from all over the world to relax on the warm sandy beaches to soak up the rays, which often rise above 30°C.


August is similarly roasting, although the refreshing crisp winds from the Aegean can push the city’s temperature down in the evenings and provide the perfect atmosphere to enjoy some Turkish cuisine.


The beginning of autumn is certainly warm enough for the average holidaymaker and is preferable in terms of tourist crowds – finding a spot on the beach will be easier.


The Turkish word for autumn explains it best: ‘Sonbahar’, meaning ‘second spring’. Unlike many holiday resorts, Bodrum doesn’t shut up shop at summer’s end, colourful bazaars are still open on set days and you can enjoy lively local life.

What to See and Do

What to See and Do

From perusing its many historical treasures, to relaxing on beautiful beaches, hiking in the countryside, or trying your hand at the watersports on offer – there’s a wealth of things to see and do in Bodrum. With a rich and varied history and miles of unspoiled coastline nearby, family holidays in Bodrum are always memorable.

The Sights

St. Peter’s Castle: located at the far end of the marina, this prominent castle is the most famous building in Bodrum and offers lovely views in all directions as well as a fascinating history.

Amphitheatre: built around 4th century BC during the reign of King Mausolos, the Amphitheatre is a beautiful example of a classical Greek theatre. Situated on a hillside, it offers fantastic views of Bodrum harbour.

Nightlife: whether you’re eating at the many fantastic restaurants and cafes or heading to the thriving mix of bars and nighclubs, Bodrum offers a great range of entertainment options for a fun night on the town.


Bitez Beach: perfect for families thanks to its shallow water, Bitez Beach, which is located about 7km west of Bodrum, also offers a range of fantastic watersports.

Bodrum Beach: this relatively small beach is situated along the Eastern bay. Whilst it can be busy during the day, it is delightful at night, where you can have a nice dinner at the restaurants along the sand.

Gumbet Beach: located next to Bodrum centre, Gumbet is clean and accessible with a range of amenities, cafes and bars, as well as watersports for all ages.

Activities in Turkey

Activities in Turkey

There is plenty to keep you occupied in our Turkey resort. When it comes to watersports, we've got pretty much everything covered. We have first class experienced RYA instructors who are happy to help and look after you whilst you are on the water. Back on land you can play tennis or join in our fitness classes.

Turkey has an abundant of activities on offer.

Hiking: with its fantastic climate, particularly during spring and autumn, Bodrum is an ideal spot for hiking. There is a variety of beautiful trails of different levels that take walkers past ancient cities and stunning landscapes.

Scuba diving: thanks to the calm and crystal clear Aegean Sea, Bodrum Peninsula is a perfect spot for spotting shipwrecks and a wide variety of beautiful marine life, including moray eels, barracuda and parrot fish.




Turkey has a handpicked hotel which stands out as excellent if you are travelling with Children.

This hotel offers superb facilities, a selection of room types to suit, good locations and have a childcare provision for children from age 1 year upwards.

Why We Love Turkey

Why I Love Turkey

Name: Emma Knights
Position: Resort Manager

Which resort and country do you work in? 
Sea Garden, Turkey.

How long have you been working with Mark Warner? 
9 years.

What’s your favourite thing about your resort?
Doing all the activities in beautiful surroundings.

What are your top 3 favourite things about working with Mark Warner?
1. Seeing friendly returning guests season after season.
2.Working in the snow or sunshine everyday.
3. Watching staff grow into competent young adults.

What are your top 3 favourite things about working in the country that you do?
1. Sunshine everyday.
2. Flexibility to get involved in activities with guests. 
3. Having time off in stunning surroundings.

When you’re not working, what do you do to keep entertained?
Going for a run along the coast. Eating in some fantastic restaurants.

What’s your favourite food from the area in which you work?
Octopus, squid and prawns from the local fish restaurant.

What’s your favourite local activity?
So many activities in Bodrum, but the local market is great and so is the games arcade (laser quest, go-karting).

If you had one tip for anyone visiting your resort, what would it be?
Don’t come all this way without visiting Bodrum. Great for shopping, the castle is amazing to see and a lovely marina to walk around.


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