What are the best summer resorts for teenagers?

14 Feb 2018

We often get asked which of our resorts are best for teenagers and the answer (as cliché as it might sound) is… all of them. We offer an Indy Club at each of our summer resorts in Greece and Turkey as well as countless activities you can enjoy as a family.

At all of our summer resorts, our complimentary Indy Clubs provide teenagers with a social scene as well as activities to get involved in. Holiday clubs can have a reputation for being slightly ‘un-cool’ and associated with ‘all age group activities’ that aren’t suitable for more mature young people. This couldn’t be further from what we offer, as our teen club is only for 14-17 year olds (which is then further split into younger and older teens), who are given independence to join is as much or as little as they want.

Days begin with a social breakfast, followed by a packed programme of events and activities throughout the day, which teens can dip in and out of at their leisure. There are a wide range of supervised activities for teens to get involved in on Mark Warner holidays, from tennis, mountain-biking, watersports, fitness and team sports such as football or volleyball. There are also social dinners on offer for the Indy Club, which they can decide to join in as a change from family dinners and chat with like-minded friends.

Sample daily activity programme

10am– Sailing/ Windsurfing

11am– Beach volleyball

3pm– Water polo

4pm– Beach cricket

5pm– Kayaking

8pm– Indy dinner

9:30pm– Evening entertainment

As well as your teens getting involved with the Indy Club, it’s important for you to spend quality time with them too. It can feel as though teens are more keen on spending their time with friends on holiday, but take them out kayaking or biking in the beautiful mountains and they’ll soon come round! Our summer locations- Greece and Turkey have plenty to do for families who want to explore the nearby life and culture, so make the most of the brilliant locations of our resorts and get to know the local area.