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Top 10 Tips for Beginners In Sailing

17 Jul 2019

Have you always wanted to try your hand at sailing, or have you suddenly got the sailing bug? Why not learn to sail on your next Mark Warner sun holiday? Come home after your holiday with a new skill under your belt and enjoy sharing your new achievement with friends and family.

Sailing is a very rewarding, challenging and unique watersport that provides plenty of adrenaline and thrills out on the water. We have put together some useful sailing tips and tricks you should remember if you are new to the sailing world.  Check out our top 10 list of sailing tips for beginners below:


Work out where the wind is coming from, bear in mind the wind does change strength and directing, and watch out for this whilst on the water.

2. RYA course

Book an RYA course, the RYA (Royal Yachting Association) are the national governing body for sailing, dinghy, yacht and motor cruising and have many years of experience finding the best methods of tuition. Their courses are comprehensive and progressive through the levels.

3. Time on water

Time on the water is key. An instructor can teach you everything you need to know very quickly, but without time to practice you won’t remember this or relate what they’ve said to the practical side of learning how to sail.

4. Theory

Learn the theoretical side, this will make your life a lot easier as you will understand why things are done and how things work out on the water.

5. Safety

Safety first is paramount, make sure the conditions are suitable for your ability, safety cover is provided and others know of your planned activity. Always wear a buoyancy aid.

6. Weather forecast

Look at the weather forecast, the conditions can change very quickly so make sure you’re prepared for what may happen.

7. Friends

Go sailing with friends, this makes it much more fun and you can learn from each other.


Wear the right clothing, whether it is a wetsuit and a warm hat, or long sleeve rash vest and cap, make sure you wear the appropriate clothing for the conditions.

9.Basic terminology

Learn some basic terminology. There is a huge amount of foreign language when it comes to sailing, but take in as much of it as you can, this will help you with learning and developing your knowledge (plus it makes you sound like you really know your stuff afterwards in the bar).

10. Have fun

Even though you are learning, remember to HAVE FUN!

Check out our sailing holidays and look forward to the start of your sailing journey, who knows where it will lead you to? Learning to sail in the Mediterranean is the best place to start with fantastic conditions and the glorious sunshine! Sailing is available at all of our beach resorts: Paleros, Kamari, Lemnos, Phokaia, and Aeolian Village, so whichever sun destination you choose, you can try sailing.