Staff Profile: Abbi Smith, Childcare Manager at Lemnos Beach Resort

29 Sep 2016

Based at our Lemnos resort since May 2016, Abbi from Lincolnshire talked to us about her work and about life in the Mediterranean.

• Hi Abbi, how did you make your way to Lemnos and to the job of Childcare Manager for Mark Warner? What’s your career background?

When I finished school I went straight into my apprenticeship and got my childcare qualifications. Before I’d even finished my apprenticeship I was applying to be a nanny abroad. I’ve been working for Mark Warner for a few years now, doing back-to-back seasons with them. I’ve been lucky enough to be based in many of their resorts and have worked my way up the company. Starting from being a nanny in the French Alps to being Head of Childcare and now Childcare Manager at Lemnos Beach Resort at the age of 21!

• What originally attracted you to working in childcare and tourism?
From a young age I had the travel bug. I did lots of different trips with my theatre company and got involved with a lot of the teaching too. I did a lot of research into working abroad and looked into the different jobs I could do – childcare stood out to me.

• What are your responsibilities?
My main role is managing my staff, making sure they’re happy and know their job to a high standard, which creates the best childcare possible and happy guests. I do also do a lot of paperwork that comes with the job, such as rotas, feedback and activity plans.

• What are the greatest challenges of your role?
Working in the tourism industry means there’s no door. It’s long hours and you work hard, but it’s worth it for the experiences and life skills you get.

• What are your favourite things to do in Lemnos when you’re not working? Do you have any insider tips for guests coming to the resort?
I enjoy sailing and windsurfing and have been working towards getting my intermediate windsurfing certificate. We often hire cars (which are not too expensive) and go to the different beaches and tourist spots on the island. The hotel is a 10-minute drive from the town of Myrina, where you can go for lovely meals, go shopping and visit the castle.

• What do you do outside the summer season?
Visit home and then do some major shopping before the quick turnover for the winter season in the French Alps. I’ve worked in Tignes.

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