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Corsica’s bar scene

An ice-cold drink on the beach when the temperature is in the high 20s, and there’s just an ever so subtle breeze coming in. Sound too good to be true? Well, for guests at San Lucianu Beach Resort, it’s a reality every day when you’re here with us.

Perfectly positioned on the east of the island, this resort is the launchpad you need to get a grasp of the local bar culture. It’s all about taking it easy, taking your time with local flavours and taking each day as it comes.

Whether you want to know what bars there are at the resort or want a little inside knowledge on where some of the best bars in Corsica are, let Mark Warner be your guide to a great night out on the island.

Before you know it, you’ll be a master of knowing which chestnut creams work best in cocktails, be able to say you like the taste of Casanis and prefer a cold bottle of Pietra on a hot day.

As with all good holiday drinks, it helps to start down on the beach.

Bars at San Lucianu Beach Resort

We have two bars at the resort.

During the day, there’s no better place to take it easy than down by the beach bar. Open all day long, you’ll be able to stay hydrated when taking it easy on the beach, get a little respite when the sun is too intense and get a cold beer when the mood strikes. With the unspoilt view out to the water, it’s also a nice hangout spot in the early afternoon.

Our main bar is located in the hotel. It’s the main meet-up spot for guests before dinner and has the laid-back atmosphere you’d want from a bar in the night-time.

Corsican drinking culture

Like most other islands in the Mediterranean, flavours tend to lean towards subtle beers and strong aperitifs.

Some of the drinks most commonly found in Corsica include:

  • Cedratine
    • Think of it as the cousin of limoncello. Cedrat is a lemon that only grows on the island and is used to make this distinctive tasting liqueur you’d expect to get a small shot of after dinner. If you love citrus, you’ll love this as it’s also used in cocktails
  • Casanis
    • A liqueur with an aniseed taste, it’s the kind of drink you only can take small sips of after a meal.
  • Muscat
    • Wine lovers will be spoiled for choice as the hills make for great vineyards. Corsican wine isn’t that well-known, but there are some to look out for, especially when it comes to Muscat. Cap Corse and Casa Nova would be the two to keep an eye out for.

What cocktails should I try when in Corsica?

It’s all about the spritz when it comes to cocktails. Mixed drinks tend to be light and airy as a bit of relief from the hotter days, so it’s better to go for drinks with fizz over blended fruits.

What beer is popular in Corsica?

Pietra is the most popular beer on the island, having been brewed since 1992.

What makes it unique is the fact that chestnuts are a key ingredient. It has a unique taste you don’t get from other common beers. At 6% it is quite strong, and in the summer many people will try their Rosse 4.5% beer with fruity tones.

Are there are any craft beer bars in Corsica?

While Pietra is seen as being something of a craft beer (they brew their own IPA and cherry beers), craft beer lovers will want to venture to the west coast and visit Micro Brasserie Impériale in Ajaccio.

The microbrewery has its own small range of offerings and puts a big focus on getting friends around a table to share a few light bites.

Are there any restaurants to check out in Corsica?

On those evenings where you plan on venturing out from the resort, you’ll want to make sure that dinner is perfect. To help make planning easier, you should take a look at our information regarding restaurants in Corsica.

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