Tips for Getting Fit for Your Ski Holiday

24 Jan 2019

Our team at the Chalet Hotel L'Ecrin, in Tignes shared their advice on preparing for a ski holiday.

So you’ve booked your ski holiday. You have the hotel, the skis and the boots all sorted. That’s when it hits you. The memory of aching muscles, burning thighs and creaking joints comes creeping back, and the fitness panic starts.

But whether it’s been a full year or a couple of months since the last time you skied, we have some great tips on how to get yourself ski ready to make the most out of your holiday this year.

• If you have a gym membership, make use of it! Try changing the machines you use to get different muscles working and build up your endurance to keep you going all week.

• If you’re not a fan of the gym, try cycling or ice skating – great ways to have fun and wake up those muscles you’ll need for the slopes.

• Squats are a must for stronger thighs and can easily be fitted into the busiest days. Do 2–4 sets with 20 reps, resting for 30 seconds between each set.

• Most people focus on their legs when they’re preparing for a week on the slopes, but your core is important too if you want to manage all those moguls and off-piste runs and reduce your risk of injury. Planks are great for a stronger core: do 2–4 sets and hold for 30–60 seconds.

• If you want to spend more time on your skis and less time on your butt, work on your balance. Stand on one leg and pull the sole of your other foot up and in so it’s pressed against your inner calf. Turn your knee out and open your hips. Hold for 30–60 seconds then switch legs. Make this exercise harder by standing on a soft pillow and/or closing your eyes.

• If you find you’ve left it a little late this season to get back into shape, make sure you pack the Deep Heat cream! A massage in resort to ease away the aches and pains is also a great option…

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