Prepping for a Ski Holiday: Top Tips from Our Spa Therapists

Get ready for your ski holiday

A ski holiday is something to be excited about: the snow, the scenery and the super-friendly Mark Warner staff… But it’s also an unusual workout, and one you need to get ready for…

With good preparation you’ll enjoy your holiday better from the first day but also feel a lot more fit and rested when you go home. And you’ll considerably reduce the risk of injury too. We asked some of our Viva salon therapists about health and fitness.

What would you recommend for guests coming on a skiing holiday?
Some guests are rather out of condition when they arrive for their ski holiday. Getting back on skis or a snowboard is a sudden muscular exercise the body is not prepared for. It is of major importance that guests warm up in the morning and before they head out each day: legs and knees, hips, back, shoulders and neck.

How about the end of the day?
Throughout the day, the building up of lactic acid in your muscle causes aches and pains. It’s necessary to stretch after exercise to release that excess of acid, and drink a lot of water to eliminate it. Drinking water also prevents cramps. A hot bath is recommended to relax the whole body. Again, releasing lactic acid is essential to avoid aches and pains but also tearing muscles.

If guests had to choose only one treatment in the Viva salon, which would you recommend?
With no hesitation, that would be the hot stone massage. It’s like two treatments in one: deep relaxation and massage. It’s just what your body needs!

Mark Warner ski resorts have many other activities to help you keep fit – usually gyms, wellness centres with pools, saunas and steam rooms, ice rinks and perhaps indoor climbing walls. And if you feel like a change from downhill skiing, try cross-country, ski touring, snowshoeing or simple hiking.

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