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Turkey - Local Food

turkey boat trips Turkish houses on the sea front Turkey view of the sea through the trees Turkey castle and harbour Turkey scenery

The local food in Bodrum mainly consists of traditional Aegean cuisine which is different from other Turkish food thanks to the climate, soil and prevalence of olive trees. There are plenty of salads, vegetables, soups and kebabs to choose from as well as delicious locally caught fish. Yoghurt is also an important element and can accompany all meat and vegetable dishes, particularly fried aubergine and spinach with minced beef. Turkey produces many varieties of cheese, mostly made from sheep’s milk. It also includes a range of savoury and sweet pastries.

Turkish coffee should be black, strong and sweet and is served from a traditional coffee pot called a ‘cezve’.  Efes is the national beer of Turkey and is the most popular in Bodrum. For something stronger, Raki, similar to Ouzo, is an aniseed flavoured drink which is generally mixed with water turning it milky.

Turkey practices safe sanitation standards and tap water is suitable for bathing and regular tasks such as brushing teeth. However, as it is heavily chlorinated (especially in summer), it is advisable to drink bottled water. 

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