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Why I Love Corsica

levante scenery levante kayak levante boats on the harbour levante scenery levante scenery

Name: Jennifer Gait

Position:  Hotel Manager San Lucianu

Which resort and country do you work in? I work in France La Plagne in the winter and Corsica San Lucianu this summer. Although over the past summers I have been in Abu Soma, Egypt, the Sea Garden, Turkey and San Lucianu for 2 summers

How long have you been working with Mark Warner? I’ve been with Mark Warner for 11 seasons! So that’s… 6 years (with one summer off in the middle to go for winter season in New Zealand)

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What’s your favourite thing about your resort?

1 – The views from the hotel – sea views to the front, mountains to the back. In my opinion the mountain view is special. Watching the sun over the mountains from your balcony, enjoying an ice cold refreshing drink is priceless.

2 – The eucalyptus trees in the grounds. There are several huge trees on the lawns which differ from the usual palm trees you see around Corsica. They are beautiful to look at, smell great and offer lots of natural shade for families to settle under.

3 – The big childcare rooms. We have a separate building for the childcare clubs and each different age group has a large airy space where the kids can escape the sun but still run a-muck and have a blast. If the kids are happy, mum and dad are happy!

What are your top 3 favourite things about working with Mark Warner?

1 – The diverse people what you meet. Both the staff that you live and work with and get to know on a whole other level to your friends at home. But also the guests who are constantly changing week on week and from all backgrounds and walks of life.

2 – The activities that I’ve learnt over the seasons: skiing and snowboarding in the winter (PRO! J); sailing and windsurfing (total beginner!); Scuba Diving (PADI qualified now); Horse Riding (Intermediate); Tennis (can get a serve in…)

3 – The change to spend extended lengths of time in different countries and getting to know the locals, cultures, traditions and some of the language.

What are your top 3 favourite things about working in Corsica?

1 – The island of Corsica is a hidden gem! It’s beautiful – there are crystal clear waters and turquoise seas, white sand beaches. But there are also the mountains that run the spine of the island, meaning that it has lush green vegetation, with lots of mountain rivers, streams and waterfalls.

2- How proud the Corsican’s are to be Corsican. Everything that can possibly be sourced locally absolutely has to be! From food and wine, to everything else used in the hotel. They are very proud of their heritage and culture and are most definitely NOT FRENCH! You can often hear the local Corsican language being spoken by the locals in town and also our local staff.

3 – The food! Corsican food is simple, but good! My top favourite is the ‘Sanglier’ or wild boar. If you are out hiking in Corsica you can often come across the boar roaming the countryside (don’t make eye contact!) Tastes fantastic, and is traditionally cooked on a spit or in a rich stew.

When you’re not working, what do you do to keep entertained?

Each season I pick a sport or an activity to pursue for the summer. Last summer it was horse riding and finding that I am living across the road from the local stables this year in Corsica it seems like the decision has been made for me!

It’s also important of course to keep your tan topped up!

What’s your favourite Corsican food?

The wild boar – Sanglier – that I mentioned earlier and which you can try at the Corsican themed dinners in the hotel restaurant. There is also a fantastic ice cream parlour at the local port which is well worth a visit.

What’s your favourite local activity?

The Corsican’s love their physical activities! In the mountains towards Corte (about 1 ½ hours drive) there is a zip wire centre where you can climb up the mountain and then zip-wire back and forth across the valley back to ground level. That’s pretty fun! There’s also the tree top adventure playgrounds with wire bridges and zip chords and obstacle courses which are also a great trip out for the family.

If you had one tip for anyone visiting your resort, what would it be?

Get out and see the island! Whether you hike out, mountain bike with the guides, take the bus excursion or hire a car, it would be criminal to travel to Corsica and not see any of the island outside of the resort.

If you had one tip for anyone visiting Corsica, what would it be?

Take a little time to learn the basics of the language. Just the pleasantries go a long way and although the locals will often reply in English (after all they want to show off their language skills as well!) it really oils the wheels of your whole experience – whether its ordering your lunch or bartering for you souvenirs at the local market.