Top 5 things to do in Foça, Turkey

A quaint area nestled nicely on the west coast of Turkey, Foça is quintessentially what you’d want from an idyllic seaside town facing out to the Aegean Sea. Anyone lucky enough to be visiting in the near future will have their ears and eyes (as well as taste buds) open to stunning landscapes, gorgeous little towns and some truly delectable local cuisine.

Whether you’re staying with us at Phokaia Beach Resort, or are coming to Foça and the wider İzmir area on your next sun holiday, let Mark Warner take you behind the scenes to let you know about five of the best things you can get up to when visiting.

Best things to do in Foça, Turkey

With our resort based near the main road, getting around Foça couldn’t be easier. The type of adventure you’ll have depends entirely on what you’re in the mood for, and trust us; there’s always something to keep you busy on holiday here.

Some of the more popular activities in the area include:

  • Exploring the coast
  • Venturing out to the islands
  • Storming Foça Castle
  • Experiencing a truly authentic Hammam
  • Learning at Ephesus Archaeological Museum
  • Eating at Kuzina Foça

And here is some information about each of these activities in Foça.

Exploring the coast

Stop anywhere on the coastal roads, and you’re almost guaranteed a postcard-perfect view out over the horizon.

There are some notable beaches to check out if you want to make the most of the clearer water quality the area has, with some of the top-rated beaches around Foça including:

  • Sazlica Beaches (it’s quite north, but people go there to camp right by the water)
  • Çanak Koyu
  • Kosova Plajı
  • Voodoo Beach
  • Foça Vertigo beach

It’s also a great idea to take time to stop off at little villages that you come along as you navigate the coast. Many of the tiny little cafes and restaurants were made for stopping and watching the world go by.

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Venturing out to the islands

Literary buffs will know about the Sirens’ Rocks in Homer’s Odyssey, and guess what; they’re just a few miles off the coast of Foça. Orak and İncir are the islands used in the tale, but there are half a dozen different islands you can hop on a boat to and quickly get away from it all.

With Orak Island, you can take a small boat and paddle out to; some people will take it as an opportunity to load up supplies and spend the day on the tiny beach on the island’s edge. On the loveliest days of the year, you’ll usually find a few boats huddled around İncir to watch the sun go down.

Storming Foça Castle

Being on the coast makes for a strategic spot, and that’s exactly why Foça Castle has been standing tall since sometime around 590-580 BC. It underwent a full renovation a few years ago to clean the stones up and make it look just how it did millennia ago, and it is worth checking out to marvel at how well it was made for being so old.

If you love a bit of history on holiday, read our guide to exploring Foça’s historical past.

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Experiencing a truly authentic Hammam

There are Turkish baths, and then there are Turkish baths like Şehir Hammam. Located within the old town, it’s a blink and you’ll miss it kind of spot. If you’ve experienced Turkish baths back in the UK you’ll know how reinvigorating the experience can be.

If you haven’t, you’re in for a treat. A Turkish bath is somewhere between a sauna and Roman bathhouse where you get something of a sweat on, and Şehir Hammam is your chance to see what the real experience is like.

Just remember to bring a fresh change of clothes.

Learning at Ephesus Archaeological Museum

An ideal activity when you’re planning a day trip, Ephesus is a UNESCO world heritage site roughly two hours south of Foça. Its heritage status puts it up there with landmarks like the Vatican, Great Barrier Reef & Machu Picchu, to give you an idea of how highly regarded it is.

A visit will have you walking through the ruins of Roman settlements and seeing sights like the Great Theatre.

You can find out more by reading our guide to visiting Ephesus.

Eating at Kuzina Foça

Not in the top five, but a little bonus tip, this is something to keep under wraps as it’s where the locals like to go. Kuzina Foça is an idyllic little restaurant down an alley in the main town.

They have a small menu of Turkish staples, and their mezze boards are exactly the type of exciting food you only have the chance to try on holiday. And if you are one to try new things, order their yaprak ciğer; it’s sliced liver cooked in butter and served with fresh yoghurt.

Create your own adventures in Foça

Fancy seeing what this beautiful part of Turkey has to offer?

You’re in luck as Mark Warner has direct flights from the UK to the area throughout the summer season, with guests enjoying the luxury and wide variety of activities available at Phokaia Beach Resort.

Whether you’re the kind of person who thinks a sunny holiday is all about chilling by the pool with a fruity drink, or you’re more in the mood to try as many activities as possible and explore the local area, it’s easy to make the most of Foça with Mark Warner.

Take a look at our holidays to Turkey right here to find out more.

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