Introducing Mustafa, Canine King of La Plagne Ski Resort

We chat with Mustafa, one of the most powerful residents of La Plagne in the French Alps, about his life in the resort.

You should already know me. I’m kind of a big deal. My name is Mufasa and I own La Plagne ski resort. I’ve been running the place for about three years now and I’ve done wonders for it. I’m sure you saw that article not long ago naming La Plagne the Number 1 ski resort in the world? I’m not saying that was all to do with me, but I definitely had a paw in it…I spend my days surveying my kingdom, checking up on my subjects – you know, management stuff. I take regular walks around La Plagne centre and over the snowshoe trails to Bellecôte. You’ve got to be careful on that walk though, as the snow is always stomach-deep, more if you venture off the path. Sometimes I swear it goes right over your head. I have the skills to get out of it but you probably want to be careful – maybe take a shovel and survival gear with you.

I get out on the slopes from time to time. I like to put my snowboots on and try my hand at all the activities. I stroll around all the bars and restaurants in town, spotchecking the menus with a sample here and there. But the seat of my throne is in Scotty’s Bar next to Mark Warner’s Chalet hotel Christina. I spend a lot of my time in there, entertaining the customers, making sure bands arrive on time, proving my skills as the Beer Pong Champion (seriously, challenge me!).

It’s not all fun though. I’m not afraid to get my paws dirty. I do my fair share of plate clearing and floor sweeping too, when they need me. They don’t let me in the kitchen to help though – I think they realize it’s beneath me.

I have a pretty sweet life here in La Plagne. Owning your own resort is definitely the way to live, if you’re thinking about a lifestyle change or just want to live like me for a week. Feel free to drop by and visit – although I’m always busy I find time to be friendly and like to make time for my fans, especially those who bring me treats.

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