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Holiday Body Secrets

Holiday Body Secrets

By following this simple guide, you can feel more comfortable in the knowledge that your body is guarded from the sun, heat and extra calories you'll be tempted by on your holiday. Greg Swift, our advanced personal trainer and fitness instructor at Lakitira Hotel, Kos, Greece has put together his tips to what he believes will be a good guideline for a healthy holiday body. Enjoy.

1) Hydration
This is crucial regardless of whether on holiday or not. To ensure a hydrated body lay out 3 or 4 1.5lt bottles either in your fridge or by your bed and purchase a small refillable water bottle. It will need to be refilled on a regular basis but as a result you will feel more compelled to drink it; psychologically you will see at the time is a small amount of water, which is more compelling to drink than a large 1lt bottle.

2) On the subject of fluid..........alcohol
You will already have an increased thirst due to the heat; don't be fooled into drinking alcohol to soothe that. You are generally more likely to drink more than at home, and that's fine; but remember, are you being as physically active as at home? Obviously having a drink on holiday is all part of the experience, however be aware that your body needs to be kept hydrated due to the sun and heat and alcohol won't do that.

3) Your skin
Regardless of age sun cream is a must. The higher the factor the longer it is likely to last when exposed to the sun, it is not the strength. So, if you were to wear SPF 20, the only difference between that and SPF 50 is that you would need to re apply it to provide the same protection.
P.S. Avoid 'oxybenzone' in your sun creams as this breaks down quickly when exposed to sunlight and does in fact develop more free radicals in your skin than if you weren't wearing any cream at all.

4) Calorific consumption overhaul
My only suggestion and word of advice as a nutritional coach would be this, "eat what you need".
You see a strawberry souffl? or a fresh oven baked chocolate torte, do you need this? Enjoy yourself, yes; but consider your mood afterwards and the physical activity you will need to undertake to burn all those extra calories.

5) Attire
We all dress differently on holiday. Bear in mind tan lines and the dreaded mozzies in the evening - simply apply a light mist of mosquito repellent or a light oil free lavender moisturiser all over. A new bikini with enflamed red, itchy bites is not the most appealing of images you want to endure during your relaxed Mark Warner holiday.

6) Supplements
My last word. These can be of major benefit so hit the shops and know that internally you will be even better protected physically and also mentally (regarding guilt to do with perhaps sun damage or infected bites).
- Aloe Vera gel. The pure form - apply at night after sunbathing. A perfect cooler and magical healer.
- Vitamin D, pomegranate, green tea, vitamin C & acacia berry extract supplements are super in the fight against inflammation (a main problem associated with aging, protect your cells!) as well as all being large components in the fight against free radicals created in the body when it finds itself attacked by toxins. Invest in a high quality brand with a good level of milligrams

And remember it's your holiday, so enjoy yourself. Enjoy and be responsible.